Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Radiothon! Listen in Feb 7th at NOON!

January has come and gone already and we are now one week into February!  Mr. B will be 15 months tomorrow! 

How do you say 'thank you' for saving your child's life five times in one short year?  We've got an opportunity to give back tomorrow but participating in Radiothon at ACH.  I was asked share Braeden's story and of course I didn't hesitate to say 'yes'.  I've set up a fundraising page in B's honour to help the cause in any way we can.  I was so honoured when they called to ask if we would participate by doing an interview on the radio and sharing Braeden's story.  For those of us that live in Southern Alberta we are SO lucky and BLESSED to have a hospital and teams of doctors, nurses and volunteers to care for our kids.  Whether you have a kiddo that is a 'typical' kid that may need a few stitches one day or if you have a kiddo that needs Cancer treatment, this hospital will care for you (and us)!  I can't say 'thank you' enough to the staff and volunteers at ACH, but I can take some action and by participating and bringing in more donations. 

For those of you looking to listen 'live' to us well be on air at Noon tomorrow (Feb 7th)!  (you can listen online)

I am listening in live right now writing this and I have to tell you I am a blubbering mess.  I don't know if I've cried this much in a long, long time. So many people have asked me over the past year how we do what we do but listening into Radiothon makes it so clear to me that we are not the only ones.  Braeden's story might be a rollercoaster ride but there are so many more out there, parents like Michael and I that have been blindsided by the early, traumatic arrival of a child or a life threatening trauma, etc.  By donating or becoming a "Miracle Maker" (for .60 a day or $18/mth) you are helping all the families like us save our children and give them a better life!  You are also 'buying' a piece of hope for your own children or grandchildren!

 Thank you, thank you, thank you Alberta's Children's Hospital!!

Birthday Boy
Two weeks
First Hold (right before he was shipped out for his heart surgery)

Such love through all the suffering
14 months!

Always a Happy Boy!


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