Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dear Anonymous

Dear 'Anonymous',

The fact that I am taking any time and energy out of my day to address your 'comment' annoys me.  It annoys me that you've upset me and it annoys me that you've made a derogatory comment under an 'Anonymous' name and that I can't reply directly to you.

Here are the parameters of this site in case I've not been crystal clear in the past:

1) This is a blog written by Me for ME.  The fact is this is a blog written to keep me on this side of sanity while I deal with the pressures that life has handed me.  If you chose to join me on my journey then I'm happy to have you along.  HOWEVER there is and will be no tolerance EVER for any rude, inappropriate and inexcusable comments.

2) This blog is written for EDUCATION, to try to let people know about disabilities in an open and caring manner.

3) This blog is about TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE (again, see number one if you are at all confused)

I am disgusted and greatly saddened that you thought for even a moment that insulting any of my children could possibly be acceptable.  If you wanna see this Momma Bear mad, well then you've certainly succeeded.  My first reaction to your comment was extreme anger, with my heart in my throat but now I'm just sad.  I'm sad that for one second someone could insult an innocent, defenseless, caring, wonderful and angelic child.

I realize that by writing this blog that I've put my life 'out there' for the world to see and I realize that not everyone in this world has good intentions...BUT what I also realize is that I have the power to tell you that you are NOT welcome on my site ever again.  Ever. Again.

I have many, many other things that I could say to you and about your comment but then I'm not being true to myself.  My first reaction was to blast you but then hey, I'm no better then you am I?

This site is for compassionate, wonderful, caring and empathetic human beings only.  No negativity, drama, or derogatory comments will be tolerated.

I hope that you take the time to do something good for someone else today, Karma will see you coming (and so will my family and friends).

An extremely (trying not to use expletives) sad Momma

From Our Home (Unit 2) To No Longer Yours...

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Claire Herauf said...

I too saw that comment this morning Lia, I was also so very saddened that anyone could be so hard hearted as to think that their comment would not be extremely hurtful. I commend you on your ability to reply without using many four letter words. You are one of the strongest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.