Sunday, 9 February 2014

Blankie Stories VIII - Erica, Mary and Sarah (Whipps-Dmytruk)

This is a 'blankie story' that is far past over due as we've been enjoying this blanket for months now (am a wee bit embarrassed that I've not gotten to it yet)!  The ah-mah-zing blanket is very creative and beautiful and comes to us from the West Coast.  The blanket was sent to us from a childhood friend of mine, Erica Whipps-Dmytruk, and her girls Mary and Sarah.  I've known Erica since the very early 80's from the beach town I grew up in so this makes the blanket even more special!

The pictures don't do it justice but it is in the shape of a star and not just any star but a starfish!  I am wowed by all of you blankie makers but I have to be honest, I had no idea you could even make a blanket into a star shape to begin with!

Mary, Erica and Sarah
Erica knows of Mr.B's love of the ocean and so her letter and blanket were both tied into that theme (the letter came with sea shells all over it!).


My girls and I were inspired to create something that reminded us of the beach.  I grew up at the beach and my girls, especially Sarah, have always loved it.  It is a peaceful, calming yet vibrant and ever changing world.  We loved to see the video of you enjoying it as we do. 

This is our vision of a starfish, colourful, lumpy and fun. 

We hope you enjoy this blanket and it brings you peace and warmth.

Erica, Mary and Sarah

As always I am touched to all of you that have reached out to us with blankets.  We have so many colourful choices and textures to chose from.  B never has less than 4 blankies in his bed each and every night and he loves each of them.

Thank you SO much Erica, Mary and Sarah!  This starfish is incredible, colourful, and very cozy for us to snuggle with!  Much love to all of you!

From Our Home To Yours...

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