Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the crazy, wacky and wonderful Mom's out there!  I'm a day late but it still counts!  We had a pretty laid back Mother's Day, I cleaned house, did the dishes, went to the hospital, made dinner alongside Mike...pretty much the same as any other Sunday.  I wanted to thank whomever it was that made the gift 'from' Braeden.  I got a pendant that is a Scrabble tile with the letter "B" on it and a picture of Braeden on the other side.  How creative and time consuming!  It meant a great deal whomever you are!  I also want to thank the Mom that was handing out white roses to the Mom's there yesterday, just because she wanted to send out blessings on very kind.  Most of all I want to thank my amazing boys (which means their amazing teachers Tania and Corrie and T's Aide Kelsey) for their wonderful gifts for me.  Michael and Rylan picked out a dozen yellow roses for me too, can't say I wasn't a bit spoiled.

Mr. B is doing really well considering he is only a week and a half out of major, major surgery.  He does have an infection in his G-Tube which causes some serious discomfort when it is tended (which still makes me more than a little ill) and he is being treated for a UTI (urinary infection).  Good thing the antibiotics cover off the UTI and the G-Tube I guess.  Al of his nurses are commenting that he is back to his old happy and flirty self which is good to hear.  How could you NOT love that face?!

He is also starting to grab a bit for things and will track a toy or person really well now.  We had our first 'floor' session with him (physio) to day which was a big milestone.  He enjoyed the change of scenery but he still tires out really quickly so it wasn't a long play.

The exciting news is that he's been able to breathe better since surgery (and losing that NJ feeding tube out of his nostril).  He is down to 3 litres of high flow which can essentially be regular oxygen now.  He is sustaining it for the most part so the Paediatrician and the Respirologist were going to meet today to see if they want to try him on regular flow exciting and scary.  B can't come home on high flow but he will be one HUGE step closer to coming home if they can get him on regular flow.  The G-Tube might be a bit intimidating but you can't argue the fact that he can now breathe so much easier now!  I think that he'll be okay with the regular flow as long as he is awake, it is when he falls into a deep sleep that I'm thinking he'll need more.

The other exciting news is that he tried drops of breast milk on his syringe today and he tolerated it quite well!  That is the reason for still pumping after six months, I knew there was a good one!!!

The Paediatrician has mentioned the 'H' word a few times (shhhh, we don't say Home out loud), not for the near future but for a possibility.  It is so hard to hear it because until they sign me out and I dash outta there I won't believe it is possible.  We are probably looking at another three months, but who's counting?  AND I don't believe that they won't just 'find' something else down the road.

Anyhow!  The photos are from yesterday, we are a family full of love that is for sure!  Braeden is starting to 'laugh' in his Braeden-grunting kinda way and it is SO very sweet!  I think the last shot of B and Mike is one of my favourites to date.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lia
Great photos!! B is looking great. I have to say that although the G-tube is a bit scary at first, it does seem to have a very positive impact on children's development. From my experience, I find that once kids have the NG (NJ)tube removed, they tolerate and manage oral tasting/stimulation much more. So glad that he has tasted that milk you have been working so hard for. Take care and belated Happy Mother's day to you (you sooooo deserve it).
From Kristine formerly from Lantzville)

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