Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Out, Out Damn Clot

Mr.B is getting back to his super cute self (not that it went away very far).  He is feeling more like himself these past two days with giving out free smiles.  I've been holding my breath over the past two days though waiting for a couple of ultrasounds.

The Anaesthesiologist that did Braeden's surgery could not get lines into either side of his neck.  Now this is concerning on a few angles but most of all the fact that he was in the vein on the ultrasound machine but he couldn't proceed with the needle.  He was convinced that after the surgery in the recap that there were thrombosis on both sides of his neck(blood clots).  Now like that isn't terrifying news enough but he just jabbed at them with a large needle repeatedly which could dislodge them.  Nothing like trying to sleep at night wondering if your child is on a time line to have another stroke at any moment.  The preliminary results of the ultrasound (via his Nurse tonight) is that NO clots were visualized on the ultrasound today!  That is fantastic news without a doubt but gives no explanation to why he couldn't get his lines in either side.  What the 'conclusion' is just another quirk to B's anatomy seems the closest to an answer.

We did have a second ultrasound today for his pelvis as well to check for hernias, look to see if there is an answer for the whitening of the scrotum and to visualize the bladder and ensure no damage was done by the 'stuck' catheter.  Little B does have hydroceles in both testicles but we already knew that going into surgery.  At least his scrotum isn't the size of a mandarin anymore (or white)!!!

He is back up to his full feeds as of tonight as well, 37 mls an hour.  We will try to concentrate it more to the higher calorie version tomorrow and see if the retching starts up again.  He is off Morphine now which is good since he blew out his central line yesterday (the last line in) but he does have it on PRN (which is as needed).  How many of us could have such extensive surgeries done to us and be off Morphine after only 5 short days?  Who knew Tylenol could be so effective.  This kid's ability to heal just blows my mind!!!

The sad news is that we still have no news of our Cat, Sasha.  The hope that she'll find her way home is waning and it is really starting to hit me tonight.  Our other female (Sasha's Mom), Bailey has her health failing and it really looks as though we are going to lose two out of three of our cats within a week or so of each other.  How do you explain that to kids??  You know it is one thing for me to have to sort though the crap of life but it cheeses me off when some of it falls to the kids and I can't prevent it.  We do still have Oliver but he still won't go outside alone (can't say I blame him) and he is now having trouble jumping up on the bed...I am so far into overload theses days that I should be six feet tall to accommodate it all or it's gonna start leaking out.  The hard part is even when Braeden is feeling a bit better I have something else emotionally exhausting to concentrate on.

Today it is a focus on the positive of the ultrasounds and just keep crying for the negative for the loss of a family pet(s), not exactly the balance I strive for.

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