Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Getting To The Bottom Of It

Our morning was spent in the GI clinic trying to get to the bottom of B's, well his bottom!  We worked through issues from Birth (you'd think my memory would be better than it is) and Dr.Wrobel was great, very patient but did turn to me and state that there would be no way to make a diagnosis today with the amount of information from him.  He's just too complex to get a hold of all the info at once.

I wasn't surprised by this and would rather she read through the file and be as thorough as possible before making a diagnosis or follow up tests.  I think Braeden is either frustrating to Doctors or seen as a fantastic challenge to sort through.  Hey, if you want to sort through folders that are more than 2 FEET high on him (his file), power to you.

Next on the list for the week (the last super fun week before school gets back in), get the cat to the vet for surgery to close up his massive abscess on his back from being attacked by another cat (don't even get me started on this one), then it is a trip to the dentist for the 'big' boys tomorrow, a visit from Homecare Nurse, RT and PT then back to the hospital Friday for an Audiology follow-up to see if the NEW ear molds fit his hearing aides a bit better.   The main problem with having hearing aides this young is how fast their ears grow and then the molds no longer sit snug.  Of course there is also the issue of keeping them in but...we're working on that (ha).

Life still is full of constant surprises, some good, others down right crappy but we are plugging along and looking forward to the start of school next week which makes life a great deal easier to focus on Mr.B and his immediate needs and therapies.

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I love you, love you, love you baby sister!