Monday, 3 September 2012

Back to School!

It just struck me last night that our sweet B will be 10 months old this week (Fri).  Where has this time gone?  It is shocking to me in many ways (like the fact that he still cannot sit on his own) but in other ways it really feels as though he's always been around.  I think of all the 'milestones' that you are in a panic with when you have your firstborn and with Braeden he is writing his own book, his own milestones.  He's never done anything by the book (even in utero) so why on earth would he start now?

It is the last day of the boys' summer holidays (I use the word 'holidays' loosely) and it was a sweet morning.  I came out with B first thing this morning and there was a bit of a tussle over who got to hold him first.  Both boys are such fantastic 'big' brothers that it brings a tear to my eye when I think about how blessed I am. 

The last day of summer, Michael is down for the count with strep (I cannot for the life of me remember the last time we had a long weekend where someone hasn't been working or sick), and I just came to realize that the leaves on the lilac bushes are already turning yellow.  I find that just depressing which is odd since we've had a good summer for sunshine and warmth.  It just seems that it went by far too quickly yet again.  I do love the snow but I'm not ready to hunker down for winter just yet!

We are in for a major adjustment with the return of school this year as both big boys will be in school all day.  I'm not sure how B and I will cope without their entertainment!  It will be so quiet we might (gasp!) nap or something!  The boys are certainly ready for the structure that school will bring again to them and it is time for them to drive someone else crazy for awhile!  It will certainly be a sad day tomorrow though, another chapter over with Ry starting grade 1.  How I wish he and I had had more time last year to spend together in the afternoons when T was at school but before B came I was exhausted and after, well, there was no time to blink let alone just to spend together.

The great thing is with the impending fall also comes the visitors from across the mountains trying to get here before the white stuff comes (as they are lightweights when it comes to -20!).  We are also only two short months from Mr.B's first birthday, a birthday I spent a lot of dark nights thinking we'd never see.  I am thinking a party is certainly in order!  Our 'family' has grown in leaps and bounds this past year and we are eternally grateful for the amazing people we have met and embraced over this journey.  I think of the phenomenal people that have come into our lives because of Mr.B, people we otherwise never would have met and I also think how our existing family and friends were (and are) so supportive and caring.  Braeden is the embodiment of love and understanding and he continues to amaze me each day how forgiving and full of life and light he is.  Three little boys that own me in every way, heart, body and soul!

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