Thursday, 25 April 2013

Apparently I Never Learn...

Apparently I never learn....

I opened my big ol' mouth yesterday and told people at ACH that we hadn't been admitted since December...sigh, apparently I never learn!

Technically we weren't 'admitted' but Mr.B took a downhill turn last night with laboured breathing and a random (but large) cough.  His respiratory rate and his heart rate were both up (heart rate was up do to the laboured breathing) and I have to say I didn't go into immediate panic mode (yet).  I watched him on and off through the night, listening to his lungs and heart and neither one changed for the worse.  I was certainly more confident in not taking him in due to the fact that I knew our Home Care Nurse and RT were coming first thing this morning.

I had B off his oxygen while I drove the 'big' kids to school and after the 20 min drive he was working pretty hard in his carseat.  Luci (Nurse) and Shawnee (RT) were here when I got back so they went to work listening and assessing.  Both came to the conclusion (pretty quickly) that he needed to go into Emerge.  The 'good' news was that he was still able to sat 97% off any oxygen and he was kicking and playful (typical sick Mr.B).  Shawnee tried three doses of Ventolin to open things up and ironically they did open up but then of course he sounded worse.  Shawnee blissfully called into ACH to let them know we were coming so I was confident it wouldn't be a long time in Emerge...oops.

We got to Emerge, let them know we were there (checking in at the hotel?) and then proceeded to wait almost 3 hours in the waiting room.  How can I ever convince people this little man is indeed sick when he plays and laughs all the time? ** (Of course now that I have just heard on the news that a Toddler was in critical condition after being hit by a car today, 3 hours is nothing)**

Long story short, life in Emerge, blah, blah, the initial thought was that it was probably viral and that he was sounding not too bad when the Dr examined him.  Off for an x-ray (hello Diagnostic Imaging, nice to see you all again), and three rounds of Ventolin/steroids every 20 mins.  Dr came back in to let me know that the x-ray was pretty much the same as his last one and he was kind enough to point out that Braeden will never have a 'normal' x-ray.  He was still convinced we were probably looking at an upper respiratory viral infection and asked me if I would be comfortable treating him at home with oral steroids and puffers.  YES PLEASE was my response!  To go into Emerge with a respiratory infection and get to go home?  YAY for Mr.B!

As we were getting packed up to go (HOME!) the Dr came back in to inform me that a Radiologist had viewed B's films and seemed to feel like there was either a partial collapse (lung) and/or some pneumonia present....hmmmm.  Dr said he was still confident in his 'treatment' plan and asked if I was still confident taking him home (yes). 

I was giddy when we were walking out of the hospital, Braeden was breathing easier, his little cheekies were pink (not the awful white when we got there) and I was thinking, 'yah, I can do this!'.  It's now been three hours since we got home and B's little cheekers are now pale again and he's certainly working hard again.  SIGH.  Steroids, check.  Ventolin, check.  Another sleepless night for the over-confident Mommy, check.  I'm thinking that I got a wee bit cocky since B weathered his first cold at home last month.  Am certainly not feeling so confident now.

So we watch and we wait, and we watch some more and we wait some more.  Who knows?  Maybe, just maybe Mr.B will come through this like the Champ he is but do it at home for a change.

From Our Home to Yours...

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