Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Stampede'd and Cowboy'd out!

Isn't it ironic that less than 24 hrs after my last post Mr.B spiked a fever and I've been fighting a chest cold?  Ah Murphy, how you mess with me and my life!

The 'good' news is that neither of us is getting any worse and I could complain about the timing but what's the point?  There really is never a good time to get sick.  Medigas (our O2 provider) was by today to do a system check and an oxsymmetry test on B, which he passed with flying colours.  We've got our overnight oxsymmetry test tomorrow night and our follow up on Wednesday to determine if B's doing well on 'room air' 24/7.   As I've already said before, he is doing so well off his O2 and is so much stronger!

I got a call from B's Pediatrician today checking in with us and she reiterated the fact that she is fully supportive and wants us to go on our trip.  She told me (again) she wants me to live my life and that if something were to happen to Mr.B on the trip that 1) It's not my fault and 2) It would have happened, trip or not.  She is right of course but it is also so great to hear!  She also let me know that she'd been in direct contact with our FSCD worker and that they were on the 'same page' about me needing more assistance.  We'll see what happens with that...

We've been getting out and about in this sunshine!  Friday for Ashley's last day with us (don't even get me started on how much she'll be missed) we went with Heidi to the Stampede.  It was B's first Stampede and this kid did not want to miss any of it!  He loves, no LOVES being outside and loves being surrounded by people!  Mr.B was simply in his glory and I was fretting non-stop because he wouldn't keep his hat on his head or a blanket to cover him or his sunglasses on...he simply just enjoys life too much to live it covered up.  I'm sure if he could he would tell me more often than not, "Mom, relax".  He did have some pretty serious sun screen on and thankfully didn't get any colour on his alabaster skin.  I'm sure Ashley was internally rolling her eyes when I kept asking her if she covered him enough..."What about the bottom of his feet?  The bottom!"...would I have thought to sunscreen the bottom?  I don't know if I would have but Ashley did.
Torin's first ever face paint!  My Robot-boys!

Here is how our Stampede experience goes (pretty much the same routine year to year):

The big boys have a 'free' day to rule, they are allowed to eat whatever they chose (within reason, there's no reason I should have to deal with a puking kid) and see what they want to see

* Free Ice cream from the TD booth (good on em considering the horrible press they've had lately)
* Mini Donuts (ooooh, coated in cinnamon sugar, you know the ones?  Still warm...mmmm too bad they give me a stomachache!)
* Pizza for Ry and Chicken Strips and French Fries for T
And last but never least,
* Cotton Candy

All of this plus rides on the kids midway
and maybe a show (we didn't catch one this year) and all the sightseeing they desire.  All in all, it is a good day but an exhausting one!  Mr.B made it almost all the way through but finally had to give in for the last 1/2 hour and sleep (the poor duck!).  It was certainly a great way to end our time with Ashley as she's never really 'done' Stampede before.

A whole lotta love!

We also had another successful Blood Drive this weekend!  Yet again I was disappointed that my iron was too low and yet again the Nurses stressed to me that I need to get more sleep.  We did have most of our regular donors come out and roll em up though and it just gives me such joy to be there and to be a part of it.  The Blood Clinic staff all love B (big surprise) and they always tell me that they love our Drive days and seeing us.  We always welcome new donors or old donors that haven't been going regularly...we'll take anyone that can bleed, has the want to save lives and is just their awesome selves!

We had a quiet family day Sunday, we are finding ourselves needing these days to just 'be'.  I took Torin out for some Mommy time in the afternoon and you'll never guess what we did...we visited elevators, yup!  I had to do some things at one of the Malls and knew he'd be in heaven so off we went.  All seven elevators at Market Mall? Check!  Finally a long awaited ride in Target's double elevator (it was broken last visit)? Check!  All of the phones (and I mean ALL) in Best Buy looked at, talked about and checked over? Check!  What a happy and relaxed boy I had at the end of our time together, I just wish I had the time and energy to do it more frequently with him (and that I had taken my camera, damn).

The weather was a little sketchy today so we opted for an indoor day instead with Heidi so we headed downtown to the Glenbow Museum.  The working classroom for kids was set up with Spyrographs today so
the boys enjoyed creating some of those.  I have to admit (don't tell my oldest sister who is a history major and works for the Royal BC Museum) that I'm not a huge fan of museums...don't get me wrong, I love the exhibits and what they offer but I just find that they sap me of energy.  Heidi feels the same way but tells me it is 'soothing and relaxing' to her...I just feel drained.  The boys did certainly enjoy themselves, T loved the elevators (he's been there before) and knew where the one ceiling fan lives while Rylan tried to take it all in but loved the Mineral exhibit.  Both boys came home with two carefully picked out precious rocks in a pouch (all for $3, it doesn't take much to impress my children).  Mr.B was pretty non committal about the whole museum experience but once we got outside and the sun shone on him he just lit up!  This kid is a sunshine baby!

Having a cup of tea with the 'Ladies'
Plans are still being formed and we are moving slowly ahead (although I am also doing an astounding job of procrastinating!) and tomorrow I will start the endless lists of what needs to be packed.  I am thinking my minivan might just need a trailer behind it too!
"Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy"

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through Chasing Rainbows! I am in Nova Scotia so thought it was neat that you were Canadian as well! Was looking through all your past blogs and what a long way you have come! What a miracle little B is! He is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing him with us!

Lia said...

So happy to have you along for the ride! :)