Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Short and Sweet

Beach Bum
I just wanted to put up a quick note and apology for the lack of posts during our trip out West.  For those of you that aren't a part of our Facebook Family (The Unique Life of Mr.B, please 'like' the page to get the updates and the awesome videos) then you wouldn't know that we've (Mr.B) had a bit of a rough week.  He's feeling mostly better now but has been experiencing some repeat gut issues (severe cramping and possible partial blockage).

I had the greatest of plans to do a post each evening and add lots of picture for those of you along for the ride for us.  Sadly that didn't come to fruition as Mr.B was and always is my first priority and we spent several nights watching and waiting to see if he needed to be seen or not (and changing our itinerary accordingly). 

A HUGE thank you to Mr.B's Pediatrician, (who is on holiday herself right now FYI), for working through the issues with me and offering her support, guidance and a back-up plan when we needed one...simply amazing.

I will have LOTS to say and LOTS of pictures coming up but it may not be till we are home safe and sound in Calgary later this week.  It has been in incredibly stressful trip but also the most relaxing in so many regards as well (yes, I can be stressed and relaxed at the same time, promise).

We've had so many wonderful visits (although not as many as I'd planned in my head before coming of course) but we did see so many family members and created some lasting memories for all of us.

Mr.B is exhausted but happy and is still loving and living to the fullest each and every day!

Thank you for checking in on us, the hope is for a great loooong post by the weekend (fingers crossed)!

From Our Home (My Sis's Home, Chilliwack BC) To Yours...

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