Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Basking In My Motherhood Perfection...Oops, Guess Not

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I'm not too sure how it happened...I'm hoping I can replicate it again in the near future...but all three boys are in bed asleep at 8:30 at night (unheard of for B).  I wasn't too sure what to do with myself so I thought a compromise of a glass of wine and a new post would go well together!

Diaper hat!

We did it, we escaped and made it home!  Mr.B came home on Sunday afternoon and it's been a few days of transitioning back into life with him at home.  Having him in the hospital for 20 days makes home transition a bit bumpy (for me, not for him).  It doesn't help that in the middle of this Ry's had an allergic reaction that is now going on day three and has been home from school. 

We had another Nursing 'mistake' the day before coming home and so I was just done with hospital living.  It's the first time that we've left the hospital with a sour taste in our mouths and I'm not too thrilled about that.  The Nurse decided to play 'catch up' on B's feeds since she'd been on break and the feed pump had been going off and no one reset it.  Instead of running B's feed at 150mls/hr she bumped it up to 215mls/hr to 'catch up'.  I was stunned when I walked in to find his feed running so fast so I stopped it right away (didn't see his Nurse) and went to chat with the Pediatrician to see what was going on.  Now it might not seem like a big deal but children that are on feeding pumps are on them for a reason, they have a max amount that their little tummies can handle.  B's stomach/gi tract is incredibly sensitive and to essentially slam food into his micro-stomach is awful.  He seemed okay at first and then had a nice retching episode once I got him out of the crib and moving.  This could have been disastrous.  Mr.B was on no monitoring system, and his Nurse was on break.  If he'd started to retch (and essentially turn blue until he gets 'vented' since he can't vomit) he could have easily aspirated on his feed/saliva.  Scary. 
I got this Momma!

I understand (all too well) that mistakes happen but both of his 'mistakes' this stay (trying to give him an oral med and then running the feed too fast) could have been major set backs for him.  Moving on...

And let the crawling Olympics begin!
To say B's happy to be home is an understatement!  He's been so active the past few days, pretty much going non-stop.  I don't think he realizes yet how tiring it can be for him!  Maybe just maybe (yes, I'm actually going to say this out loud) we might be at the beginning of a new sleep cycle??  Back off Murphy, I'm just sayin!

B seems to also be going through a burst of cognitive growth right now as well as physical...it is so very exciting to see!  I was playing 'patty cake' with him the other day and when I stopped he picked up my hand and placed it back onto his to play again.  That may not seem all that significant to you if you have a neurotypical child but for a cognitively impaired child that's HUGE!  Justine continues to work on his 'signs' with him and he's now hand-babbling.  Justine told me that she's  only seen it children with significant hearing before (B's hearing loss is moderate for which he has hearing aides).  He's trying to communicate, that's what I know and I really don't care in what form it happens!  Verbal speech would be great and all but I'm more than thrilled that he wants to sign.  Both of the big boys learned sign language before verbal speech and it was a tremendous help for both Torin (with Autism and mostly non-verbal till 4 1/2) and Rylan (neurotypical).

Little Pooh Bear leaving the hospital!
On top of all of this 'brain' growth B's getting more and more confident with his physical strength.  He's almost at the point where he'll 'sit' (B can't, won't and doesn't' want to sit on his bum) on his haunches without his hands on the ground.  I want to jump up and down just typing this!  It's funny though as I was bathing him tonight I was studying his back (he's got mild scoliosis due to one side of his lower back being 'hyper' and the other side being 'hypo' tonic).  What I noticed is that the appearance of his back hasn't actually changed but he's getting stronger despite this, he's making it work for him.  Did I mention this kid is amazing?

I'm looking forward to having him home again for Halloween this year.  Last year he was discharged on Halloween day (after ironically spending the month of Oct in hospital), so I get to dress him up this year and maybe take him out with the brothers (although we currently have snow, yup, snow).

We are only nine short days until his 2nd Birthday and I wanted to make a video of the photos of the past two years.  I spent FOUR hours on it today and my little video?  It's 12 minutes long...and that's after being pared down twice!  I guess I've got a few photos of this little man!  Back to the drawing board!

Date night with Momma...I love this kid!

It's now 9:30 and the 7 yr old has now been out of bed twice, once for a 'bad dream' and now for a runny nose...guess I'm not the super Mom after all!  Oh well, I think the position would just be far too much work anyhow!  Perfection to me is finishing my glass of wine, possibly having a conversation with this cute guy that we cohabitate with and maybe, just maybe three hours of consecutive sleep!  (Big goals in my life, huge!)

From Our Home (Yes, HOME) To Yours...


Pete Oxland said...

A wonderful story and lesson for me that it's what sometimes we think are 'the little things in life' that are by far the best and times we should treasure. Thanks so much for sharing, Lia!

The Mama Behind the Story said...

Hey there! I found your blog through the Circle of Moms list. Your baby boy's story has already stolen my heart. :)

Keep writing an inspiring others.

Sara Elizabeth
(another special needs mama)

Lia said...

Thanks Pete! Life is certainly all about the 'little things' for me.

Sara Elizabeth, thank you for your kind words. Your blog is beautiful and full of great ideas, thanks for sharing!