Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Blankie Stories IV Harrison Family

Just a note to say...

Dear Braeden "Mr.B",

Hope this blankie will bring you lots of snuggles.  It is sent with piles of love, hugs and kisses from all of your cousins, Auntie and Uncle up here in Northern BC.  We are all looking forward to the day we get to meet you.

Love Auntie Terry, Uncle Cliff and all your cousins

This was a surprise in the mail tonight!  I love surprises (like this, not the gonna scare you so bad you pee your pants kind)!

This blankie came from Vanderhoof (Northern, BC) from my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins (B's Great-Aunt/Uncle, 2nd and 3rd Cousins).

My wonderful Aunt has sent me surprises on more then one

occasion throughout B's arrival and crazy ride.  It is hard when you have family that you don't really get to see very often, when you live apart.  Thank goodness for the wonders of modern technology to make this world a smaller place!

Thank you so very much and much love to all of you (Terry, Cliff, Carlina, Danelle, Mayson, Tyreed, Jaxson, Charity, Breeyelle, Madison and Abby)!  We miss you all and hope that one day soon we'll be up in your neck of the woods!

Love, Mr.B

From Our Home (Unit 2) To Yours...

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