Sunday, 24 November 2013

Blankie Stories VI - Kaela and Lauchlin

I've been behind on our 'Blankie Stories' and for those of you that have sent us blankets, Thank you!!!

This is a special blanket from a special lady who also knows the ins and outs of a NICU.  Kaela and Lauchlin are relations on my husband's side of the family and we were pregnant at the same time.  I can remember my Mother-in-law telling me when Lauchlin was born and how worried she was for all of them.  I remember thinking, wow, this Momma's got a big fight ahead of her!  Kaela has her own NICU miracle little man, Lauchlin who was a whopping 1 lb 15 oz when he was born at 25 weeks. 

Kaela's words:

We were both actually pregnant at the same time...little did we know at that time that dramatic turn our lives would take.

Lauchlin was born at 25 weeks very unexpectantly (I was actually at work 2 hours before he was delivered and drove myself to the hospital hahaha. So stubborn). Upon delivery of our 1lb 15oz boy, he was rushed into NICU for them to do their magic. He stayed at the NICU for just over 3 months and managed to only need 1 surgery (laser eye). He was scheduled for more but always seemed to heal himself just in the nick of time. He ended up having a vp shunt put in his head at 5 mos old because he has hydrocephalus (excess fluid in the brain) but came out of that with flying colours. He's had one surgery since and will need more as he grows but that's to be expected. He's a happy healthy boy and has recently just hit the growth charts for his actual age! We're super proud of him and know he'll do great things with his life...

An amazing family and a story that can certainly be seen as inspirational.

B loves his green and white blankie, it is different from any others that he has.  He loves the different textures in it and that he can get those fingers in there between the threads!

Thank you Kaela and thank you Lauchlin, we sure hope to meet you one day soon!

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