Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Mr.B I-Like-To-Mess-With-Doctors Surprise!!

WE'RE HOME!!!  Hurrah!
All four of my boys where they are supposed to be!

In complete typical B fashion (he likes to mess with people's minds) he passed his oxsymmetry (oxygen) test last night!  What does that mean?  Well we're home WITHOUT oxygen support.  How? How? How?  I swear he just plans to mess with people!  He was desating still yesterday on exertion and we all were expecting him to fail the overnight test...nope, not Mr.B!
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It's great news (obviously) but since he was still desating yesterday this Momma is going to be a little (okay a lot) vigilant while he sleeps for the next I-don't-know week or so (who am I kidding, like it ever changes!  Sleep?  Bah!).  He was certainly excited to make the transition home and was overstimulated to the nth degree tonight with the big boys.

My van wasn't actually ready this afternoon (of course because why would I need it back?) so we drove home in another car which kind of threw B off.  When I got out of the passenger side door when we got home he pitched a fit thinking I was leaving him inside!  He didn't even give me a chance to get out all of the way to even see if I was taking him!  Nutbar!
Okay!  I'm ready to go now!!

He lovingly had a nice long, hot bath tonight and knee walked around the whole upper floor with my Isagenix bottles...such bliss for him.

He also went right to bed with no fuss at all (good) but I know not to get too comfy and relaxed, he is Mr.B after all!
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I'm feeling crappy due to another RA flare up (stress is a pain, literally) in my hip/back but am certainly feeling a bit more relaxed having all of my babies under one roof tonight.  We had a movie night to celebrate tonight and watch 'Frozen' for the first time (well I saw parts of it).  It's nice to be able to tuck all three of my kids into bed and be present for it all (not calling from the hospital to say goodnight).

Tomorrow we are back at ACH (big surprise) for an appointment with our Child Development Team nice and early.  It won't be long until we are back in the swing of this crazy at-home-going-to-ACH-for-multiple-appointments-each-week-life either.
Bye-bye (for now) ACH!  Thanks for taking good care of me (again)!

From Our (Snuggled Down For The Night) Home To Yours...

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xoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoox to all

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