Monday, 24 March 2014

There Is No Place Like Home

There is no place like home....well we're not there yet but we are lookin' to spring this joint tomorrow afternoon!  I'm even willing to take the risk and say it (or type it) close to B because he's SO ready to be home.
Ready to come out of my cage...

Rental car goes back, I get my van back (my $2150 bill to go with it...wahhh and damn cement wall that got in my way when the road was a sheet of ice) and I get my youngest home where he belongs...should be a good day!

He's certainly turned back into the full 2 yr old that he's supposed to be which means he's feeling pretty good (and so very bored).

We're still working on feeds but we are at least to a point where I can get what I need into him at home.  It will take another few days or so to get completely on track but I think we'll get there.  My only concern is how his guts are still not too happy about eating but I'm hopeful that they will settle down at home too.

We're doing an over night oxsymmetry test tonight (at ACH) to gauge his o2 needs.  Basically they wouldn't run it if they didn't think he'd fail...which is fine.  We can come home on 02 again, been there, done that.  It will certainly be more of an adventure since it's been 9 mths since he last needed it at home and he's waaay more active now.  Any bets on who trips on it and does the first face plant?!

It's certainly been a stressful visit, B's not been this sick (Respiratory sick) for quite some time (Christmas pneumonia aside) and I'm hoping that we won't have to be 'Stepped' again any time soon!  On the flip side?  It's been great seeing familiar faces again, both staff and family and being on Unit 2 has made all the difference with that.
I love me some Ry-Ry time! :)

So he's still not 'well' but he's certainly much less sick (pretty sure I'm writing the new English language here) then he was a week ago (or two for that matter).  I'm happy to work out the rest of the details at home, where he'll hopefully be in a 'cleaner' environment (okay, I had to guffaw as I typed that).  He'll be less exposed to the hospital germies (I'm sure three viruses are enough for now)!

Home is where the heart is...well home is wherever Mr.B is really! :)

From Our (Last Night On Unit 2 for now) Home To Yours...

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