Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Happier Boy

So the fantastic news is that Braeden is still tolerating being off his ventilator.  His breathing isn't quite as laboured as it was in the first 12 hours that he came off and the nose prongs seems to be holding him for now. The second fabulous news is that they've moved his bed out of the isolation section of his pod which means that he is certainly getting stronger!  He still needs to have one on one care from a nurse and needs pretty constant quiet but is working hard to become a stronger little dude.

Michael and I had a pretty special visit with him last night.  He was zonked when we got there but decided to wake up and entertain us a bit.  He still doesn't really have much of a cry at all, it is still really a mewl because of his swollen vocal cords, but he is making noise now which is great.  There is something decidedly wrong (maybe it is just me) about having to watch him over the last two weeks when he is upset and having no sound come out.  Mike got to actually hold him (well suspend him might be a better term as there we no snuggling involved) as his nurse changed over his bedding.  It is hard to hold a child that is wired for sound in a comfortable way!  Nonetheless, he did get to be held momentarily.  He was able to find the energy to crack open his eyes too and even gave us a sweet, simple smile.  Magic!

He is getting stronger in body each day and that strength will hopefully transfer over to his poor heart.  The SVT's seemed to have settled down (knock on wood) for now, and the increase in the meds seems to be working.  We will see what the big picture is from Cardiology by the end of the week.  His night nurse last night (who has been around for ever, her words not mine) seems to feel that he'll be transfered over to Children's at some point.  I'm not sure if she is just hypothosizing on this or has some inside scoop?  It was my understanding that kids that got sent to Children's were for surgery but I suppose it is really where the Cardiologists are anyhow so it would make sense.  We will go where we get sent, if they take my kid I will certainly follow!

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