Monday, 28 November 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This just goes to show you that just when you think you might know what is going to happen the plan changes!  I walked into the NICU this morning thinking that we had put a plan in place with Dr. Fruitman yesterday only to become informed by Braeden's nurse that they were putting in a request for transport to Edmonton, TODAY! 

The decision was made this morning after viewing his latest echo cardiogram and seeing that the valve (ductus) is barely open.  He is still stable but his pressures are getting further apart and his femoral artery is getting hard to find in his groin (weak pulse).  The good news is that I got to have a good visit with him today and had a good hold/cuddle.  I spent the entire day there waiting the transport team to take him away.  They fly the babies up to Edmonton in a small jet but only have room for the transport team, no Mommies.  I was very surprised to learn of the transport but shocked when I found out that I wasn't invited.  I get that they need the space and such, but try telling my Mommy-anxiety that!  As it was they flew Braeden out at 5pm tonight with two lovely transport nurses (Jan and Jaime) and a kind Respiratory Specialist (who I saw for the last three weeks but didn't really meet).

I got word just after 8pm that they arrived safely and relatively calmly to the Stollery Hospital NICU.  Braeden had one run of SVT as they were taking off but was able to convert with ice quickly.  He thankfully did well on the nasal prongs for his oxygen as they don't transfer them on CPAP (another reason why I didn't think we were going anywhere!).  His night nurse seems very nice and was helpful and reassuring when I called there tonight to check on him.  I am unfortunately feeling just a wee bit frustrated as I am trapped in Calgary because I cannot drive myself!  I understand the need to heal for six weeks after a c-section but this not being able to drive myself around is getting a bit annoying.  It is near impossible to explain unless you've been separated from a newborn the incessant need to be near them and lay hands on them.  I honestly believe that my hormones are directly linked to my contact (or lack of) with this kid.  I know my sanity certainly is! 

As it stands right now, I am heading up alone (which does not help one's anxiety) and we'll see what the plan is tomorrow afternoon.  I am hoping to get a room at the Ronald MacDonald house when they have one open up so that the option to have the boys come up is there.  Thankfully the Cardiac patients actually get priority and I'm on their waitlist.  Please note that it's not for lack of fantabulous family and offers of beds up there but I just feel the need for my own space and to be able to go the the NICU at 3 am if I so desire without asking anyone for a (damn) ride!

The next leg of our journey has begun, before I was ready for it I might add.  So little Braeden off on his private jet plane and his poor anxiety ridden Mommy is off on the bus to be with him (again not for lack of amazing friends offering to drive, Jodi and Jenn you are wonderful!). 

Have laptop, will travel!

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