Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter (with a fever and vomit)!

We survived our second major holiday without our Mr.B at home but it certainly was a bit of a weepy weekend for me.  We did have a wonderful 'family' weekend though (sadly without our latest member in tow).  I don't remember the last time Michael had all three days off of a long weekend so it was certainly a treat to spend them together.  Friday was a lay low with the boys day while I got to spend as much time as I wanted with Braeden (still family time).  Well Braeden and the insanity of Costco!  Saturday we got to enjoy a brand new tradition of an Easter Egg hunt at the Neufeld Home!  So many kids and so much fun!  The boys got to finally see Mr.B after being so sick for so long on Saturday so that was a nice treat for Mike and I to all be there.  Braeden was asleep on his tummy when we got there and I noticed his back was crusty with a fairly major spit up that had been missed.  I was not too impressed with this because B is fed into the intestine, he should not have a very big volume ever to spit up, (the unfortunate part of being there weekends, long weekend especially!).  I expressed my concern to his nurse and anyone that would listen but he seemed okay otherwise.

Finally Easter Sunday arrived (there was almost as much anticipation about this day as there was about Christmas for pete's sake!).  It was an early start yesterday but we managed to hold them off till after 7am...ground rules were set the night before bed time!  The boys had a good morning (while I was weepy in my coffee, feeling another sense of loss with not having B here) and we all trouped up to the hospital to be with Braeden after brunch.  Sadly we only made it not even 1/2 way before Ry had a coughing fit and threw up in his lap...sigh.  Back home, drop of the smelly stuff and kid while T and I trouped up instead.

Unfortunately yesterday is one of the days that I hate and have no control over...when I arrived Braeden was in his crib screaming his head off (still silently) and tears were coming down his face.  It is these moments that torment me when I can't sleep, knowing his needs aren't being met.  Now he had a wonderful Nurse Betty yesterday, she's not at fault.  She was busy next door and there is only one place she can be at a time as well.  It just makes my heart hurt to see him that way when I walk in and then the guilt hits me big time!  I quickly unloaded, washed up and scooped him up to find that he was awfully warm against my cheek.  Turns our Mr.B wasn't feeling well either!  Betty said he'd been okay in the morning but had been getting more unsettled in the afternoon when the fever started up.  He's been having some loose stools as well as some more spit ups in the past few days as well so my major concern was that it was an intestinal rotation.  It seems as though his tummy is fine when it is palpitated though.  It did take two doses of Tylenol to get the fever down yesterday though so my poor duck was just not feeling himself.  There in lies the dilemma with not being able to be in two places at once!  I had a sick baby on my chest that wanted/needed to be held by Mommy (has to be Mom when your sick!) and a turkey that needed tending to at home.  Alas the baby won out and we had a very late Easter dinner.  I did the dreaded turkey dinner clean-up (don't mind the cooking, hate the clean up), got boys to bed and then went back up to see Mr.B.  Braeden was sound asleep when I got there so I got to give him kiss, nuzzle and then take a big sniff before heading back home.

The report from this morning is that the fever is now up at 38.5 and won't go down (again).  My little man has been put on isolation again and I can't be with very frustrating.  It is only one day, I know but it is so hard when I know that he probably just wants to be held and I can't be the one to do it while T and Ry are off school.  Taking them to the hospital to sit in B's room while he is on isolation is out of the question so now I must sit at home and stew and wait for Mike to get home from work till I can go up...sigh.  They have taken swabs orally, blood work and urinalysis so I'll get a call hopefully with an idea of what we are looking at soon.  I'm terrified that I'm the reason he is sick!  I was (and still am finishing) my antibiotics but what if I had/have a secondary infection that was/is viral?  After not being with him for over a week, I guess it is a risk I chose to take, I just hope that it doesn't turn into a chest infection as that will surely end us up back down in ICU.  All I can hope is that it is just a brief flu or possible UTI.  This kind of day plays into my fear of not being able to be in control, I hate when I can't be in two places at once!

The good news is that the sun is shining, I am getting house work done and I can kick the other two into the backyard for some much needed fresh air.  Look at the positives, look at the positives, look at the positives!

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