Monday, 30 April 2012

I Love My In-Laws...Really!

I've been sitting here for 5 mins with what I guess could be called writers block.  I'm still in somewhat of a crummy head space these days but it is made a bit better by having family close by.  My fabulous In-Laws (no sarcasm I swear!!), arrived on Saturday after driving in from North Vancouver.  It was so wonderful to see Braeden's smiles for both Grandma and Pappa.  Jean hasn't seen him since Christmas when he was so horribly swollen still from the Sepsis and had never seen him with his eyes open (aside from photos).  A definite change of baby for her to see!!

We are at 25 weeks today and Mr.B weighed in at 5.75kgs.  He is not gaining weight very quickly so they have upped his feeds today with the hope of fattening him up a bit before surgery Friday.  How is it we've already arrived at May?? is a day on the calendar that is looming over my head.  I will be relieved to have it behind us but not at all looking forward to the pain Braeden will have to endure in the days/weeks after.  We are scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound tomorrow and a follow-up ECG to see that everything is tickety boo.  We have a busy week with dentist appointments and the start of soccer with Torin and Rylan but I just want Friday to be here (careful what I ask for) so we can get the day behind us.

I am so relieved that Wade and Jean are here so that I can be at the hospital 24/7 if I so choose, that certainly helps my stress level.  Not that sleeping in the ICU fishbowl or using the communal family bathroom is appealing but at least I have the option if I so choose.  Having them here also releases stress in the form of laughter (often of course at someone else's expense), Mike often just shakes his head when the four of us are in a room together.

Braeden had a great workout with his therapy assistant Christa today, she is so fantastic with him.  It is like he tries to impress her, he is such a flirt with her!  She held him in a sitting position and I held a toy music box in front of him and he actually made a reaching motion!  So exciting to see!  It might seem small to some but to have him do something "baby-ish" is exciting no matter how small!  He also managed to hold his head up (albeit wobbly) the whole time too which goes to show his strength is improving.

There are many things to be thankful for:
1) 25 weeks, enough said
2) Loving and wonderful family close by
3) Normalcy in swimming, soccer and happy boys
4) Loving gazes and sweet baby smiles from Mr.B on a daily basis now...that alone is enough

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