Friday, 13 April 2012

Surgery Date and My Favourite 5 Year Old

Some big Thank You's and Birthdays!  Thank you so very much to one of the most wonderful best friends I could ask for for all of her help planning, organizing and participating in the Nanaimo Blood Drive.  Thank you ALL of you in attendance (I'll get a list soon!), whether you could donate or not, you were there and took time out of your busy lives for us!  I also want to say Happy Birthday to my Mother who has sacrificed so much of her own life for us in this 5 month journey thus far and Happy Birthday to my Brother-In-Law Mike Cato!

(The rest was written yesterday, Friday the 13th)
Exciting (and terrifying) news today, we now have a surgery date set for Friday May 4th.  Three weeks from today, nothing like gettin' 'er done!

Braeden's looking better this morning, I actually got a few smiles when I arrived today.  He's certainly not feeling himself still but I assume he'll take another few days to a week to bounce back from this latest infection.  The antibiotics seems to be taking care of the UTI but his tummy is still quite upset with the bug.  They are going to try him back on 1/2 formula and 1/2 EBM (expressed breast milk, yup, still pumping) to see if he can handle it.

I just wanted to take a moment (to have for my records) to say how wonderful my 5 yr old is.  I'd like to say it is because of the amazing parenting he's received but alas I think it is just his personality.  Now for those of you that don't know Rylan he is so much like me that it terrifies me some days but it comes in handy for those times that he's being devious.  It drives him crazy when I know just what he is up to, I've been there and I've done that!

Life for Rylan has not been easy being Torin's brother.  It has no reflection on Torin as a brother, it is due to the fact that all of Ry's life, life has been very focused on T.  Being as the boys are so close in age (and T has a developmental delay) it has been in many ways similar to raising twins (those of you with true twins might certainly disagree with me).  For three years now life has been focused on T and his therapy process.  Now we've done all that we can to include Ry in this process but it is still difficult some days and he's asked me more than once, "why is it always all about Torin?".  We now have Ry between two special needs brothers and I am hoping he continues to grow and be understanding about it.  Life is and will be focused on Braeden (although our home life hasn't changed a huge amount yet) for a long time and when it's not B then it is still about T's therapy in the afternoons (Kelsey is amazing at 'playing with' and including Ry in everything).  In spite of this, this kid is amazing!  He's empathetic beyond his years and while I might want to hang him by his finger nails some days he's the sweetest Momma's boy you can imagine.

I just cut off two feet of my hair last night to donate it (the whole reason it was so ridiculously long to begin with).  I warned the boys beforehand that I was going to do this so that they could be a bit prepared since I was going to look so different.  T really didn't care, it's not his after all why would he?  But Ry wasn't convinced I was making the correct choice.  He didn't ask me not too but he was certainly thinking about it.  The boys were in bed when I got home last night so Ry didn't see me till he got up today.  He looked at the new do and nodded his head and said it looked pretty good.  Rylie is the one I can always rely on for a compliment, he is always quick to tell me when I look nice but he still wasn't sold on the haircut.  When I picked him up from school today we were walking down to the van and he said, "You know Mom, I wasn't sure about you cutting off all your hair you know.  But you know what Mom, I think you look great, it is really nice isn't it?".  Now how is that for a compliment?!

I also have to tell another sweet story about Easter Day when the boys were eating their chocolate and I jokingly asked why no one ever buys me chocolate.  I asked Torin if he would share and I got a resounding, "no way!" (which considering how little chocolate and treats I let them eat that is pretty understandable!) Rylan then took his largest chocolate and offered it to me.  I told him it was okay, that I was just teasing and he said, "No Mom, you need to have this one, it is important for someone to do something nice for you too!"  What a kid!

There you have it, the next time I am ready to sell him, (CHEAP), I can come back and read these examples of why he is my favourite 5 yr old in the whole world (at least till Aug when he turns 6)!

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