Monday, 11 June 2012

Home Is Where My Heart Is

Life can't be more perfect than at this moment in time as I type this Mr.B is sitting in his bouncy chair beside me on the floor.  Yes, he is home, not discharged just yet, but HOME.  We had an amazing weekend with our little B coming home to where he belongs.  We got to pick him up on Friday night and keep him till Sunday evening.  It is amazing how much care one little dude needs in 48 hrs (aside from the basics I mean).  I also got to re-experience the 'have baby no sleep-itis'!  Mr. B is able to go for 7 hrs without a feed in the night but will randomly wake screaming and go back to sleep...not good for my heart let me tell you!!

Torin and Rylan had a wonderful weekend as well and I think my favourite part (although there were many), was just having all three boys in the same room.  Such J-O-Y!  We had to take B back on Sunday night to do his oxsymmetry test (take him off oxygen, wait for the desat and then put him back on), voila, he failed.  And by failed I mean he needs oxygen (der) and he can now come home on it.  We are back into hospital tomorrow morning again to wrap up lose ends, get all the prescriptions in place and have an Audiology test completed.  We should be fully discharged by 3pm!!!

We will be leaving the hospital behind us (fingers crossed) after 31 weeks, or 219 days.  To say I am feeling a bit emotional would be an understatement.  So much has occurred in the past 7 months and we are all inexplicably changed (mostly for the better I think).  I was a bit of a wreck today just knowing that I've got to say more 'see ya soon(s)', so many of the nurses have been with us from the beginning of Unit 2 and they feel strongly about Mr.B leaving their nest as well.  I got a wonderful letter from Breanna, his first nurse on Unit 2 and if I wasn't already prone to tears then I certainly was then!  It's also bitter sweet knowing that we are leaving some patients and their family's behind, we are some of the lucky ones, we get to go home.  There will be more tears tomorrow for certain but they are all tears of joy.

Life is still precarious, he does still have a very long road ahead of him, a clot in the liver, overcoming the strokes, trying to grow and finally get a diagnosis that makes some sense of all of this.  For now he is home, I can lay on my bed, curl my body around my child and truly just love him.  Each day is still precious and good and I'm happy for each one he gives us.

Michael came into the kitchen tonight and declared that we have three kids, three!  Yup, finally it is sinking in, we are finally a complete family of five all under the same roof, all ready to drive each other crazy!

I can now actually say I am on a timeline, Mr.B has decided he is ready for a bum change and bed...guess that's my cue! :)


Anonymous said...

So happy for you and your family.

Dana Swystun said...

I hope yesterday went well and you are officially DISCHARGED, and NOT AN INPATIENT at the ACH.

YAY Braeden!

Take care, thinking of Braeden and your family :)