Thursday, 7 June 2012

It's Always Something

My super smart friend Jen H. just posted on FB that 'It's always something', and she's right it is ALWAYS something hence why I am a bit of a wreck today.

We had to say our final good-bye to our cat of 17yrs, Bailey last night.  How can you ever really say good-bye or decide on when it should be after that many years (not that it is easy after any amount)?  We've now lost two of our three cats in a month and the kids are in a bit of a shock over it (no surprise).  Torin's first question was if we could go to the pet store tomorrow.  These boys are going to be either in for a great deal of therapy or really well adjusted kids...not sure which just yet.  Our final cat, Oliver is in a bit of a shock himself, I can only imagine what he must be thinking after being with 'the girls' for the past 13 yrs.  He in a bit of a panic and I can't say as I blame him.

Speaking of good-byes, it hit me today when Rebecca (SLP) and I were talking that I have a great number of good-byes to say over the next week.  It really hit, we are going to bring him home and I can't bring home all of his Volunteers, Nurses, Dr's and Therapists home with us!  I am hoping that our paths will cross again (maybe in the aisles of Costco!) so I am hoping to just say a lot of 'see ya laters'.  We have been so very blessed with all of the care and attention from everyone that I find it heart breaking to say Adios!  It is going to be a very tearful exit of that I am sure (as it certainly has already started).

It would seem that Braeden and Klebsiella have met yet again (that wonderful bacteria that caused his Sepsis).  He is recovering nicely from another UTI (urinary tract infection) and now has to be on 6mths of prophylactic dosing of antibiotics (once this latest course is done) to prevent further UTI's and possible kidney issues.  Just add it to my 'to do list' and we're good.  He was in a much better mood today when I arrived and it was so nice to see his gummy smiles at me this morning again.  He still has his IV in but it will be out today (probably already) now that the blood work has come back clear.  I guess the good (?) news is now I know what to do when he gets sick next (?) time.  I know that diarrhea means a UTI for this boy, not sure how that works but that is how it has presented all the times he's had them.

The GRAND Plan (yes, universe be damned I will share it with you) is to bring him home overnight tomorrow night and Saturday night, return him (for a refund?) on Sunday so that they can do the appropriate oxygenation tests Sunday night while he is asleep then he is allllll ours on Monday or Tuesday.  That is the 'Plan' today at least, I am very willing and able to change and adapt to whatever Mr. B dictates for me next!!  Now that we've had our 'dry run' from last Sunday I feel a bit more prepared on what to expect at least. 

The hall is booked, the date is set and the party is going to happen in one month on B's 8th month Birthday.  I figure that we are certainly overdue for a party and some laughter in our lives!  All we need is Mr.B home and our family of five will finally be complete. 

Our 'normal' may not and certainly will not, look like anyone else's but it will be all ours!

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