Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sandcastles, Sun and SAND...oh the Sand!

(I wrote this post on July 25th but never got around to putting the pictures in and therefore not posting it...we'll just pretend that life didn't get in the way and I'll post it as is!)

Who on earth gets in their mini van to drive over 1000kms with their three kids to dip her (medically dependent) son's toes in the Ocean?  Me, yup me and I'll be damned if it wasn't one of the best decisions that I've ever made!
So much sand!

I can't even describe in words the J-O-Y the pure, unadulterated, blissful joy that this baby feels for this place, for the Ocean and the sandy beach.  Mr.B can't get enough fresh air, sand or sun!

Balancing with his head so that he could dig!
It never once crossed my mind it could rain the whole week while we're here, didn't even consider it because I knew I was doing the right thing.  I knew without a doubt in my mind that getting B here was going to be as rewarding to me as it simply is to him (and his overjoyed big brothers). 

The ocean is out there behind us somewhere! 
Sand, sand, sand!
For those of you not familiar with Parksville Beach, it has really low tides and lots and lots of sand (you can walk 1/2 hour on sand before you can get deep enough to swim some days).  We had an awesome play day set up yesterday with some of my wonderful friends (and their kids).  My fantastic friend Erin came down from Campbell River (an hour and a half North) with her two boys as well as her sister Treena and her daughter.  We were thankfully also able to coordinate a day when my other good friend Chuckie could be off work to come join us with her husband Davin and their two girls and Davin's sister.  Six adults and NINE kids (my sister Keeta joined us part way through) when it was all said and done to play and frolic on the beach!
Auntie Erin's snuggles and songs

Not sure who's cuter my good friend Chuckie or her daughter?
"Project HOLE"
Momma's tape wasn't pretty but it worked like a charm!
Gotta love the hospital 'pink' tape!
I was very hesitant about B getting sand in his G-tube but I also knew that he'd want down and wouldn't stay on a blanket or under any stinkin sun shade (thank you very much!).  So I let go, I let completely GO.  I taped plastic over his g-tube port (with the awesome 'pink' hospital tape) and let him go...and GO he did!!  He was beside himself with pure, unadulterated J-O-Y.  He dug in the sand while balancing on his knees and head (with both hands digging out to the sides) and he got covered in sand, COVERED!  I'm not too sure how much he 'ate' but he often stuck that lovely, sand covered thumb into his mouth (oral aversion you say?!).  There were SO many highlights of the day but I have to tell you that when B started just rolling non-stop and laughing hysterically it was just too much, my heart simply burst from seeing his joy.

Click here for the most amazing video:  Mr.B's love of the sand!

I had quite the job of cleaning him up when we got 'home' but it was all worth it and the g-tube was clean!  Yay for recycled plastic and tape (although he wasn't too thrilled at having it removed!).

The boys with Pappa in front of their favourite one
We did take a trip down the beach the day before yesterday as well to see the world renowned Sandcastle Competition that takes place on Parksville's main beach each summer.  I used to come up to it as a kid so it was cool to bring my own children to it.  As you can see on the pictures that they are all very impressive and the photos can't even do them enough justice for the details involved in them all.  They boys also got to have a good play in the water park there afterwards and the much needed ice cream cone for the stroll home. 

We've also been partaking in a nightly swim at the beach once the tide comes up and I put B fully in the water the other night.   Wait for it...he LOVED it, big surprise eh?  I had him in up to his armpits and just swayed him back and forth while he laughed and 'sang' his joy.  He was unimpressed each time I stood back up but it was hard on his ol' Momma's back!  I think that he loved the feeling of weightlessness in the ocean since he just kicked his feet like mad.  I did lay him on his back and floated him as well but he enjoyed just being immersed the most.  Once the water comes all the way back in over the hot sand it is so warm and soothing to the soul!  Torin is simply in heaven at swimming in the ocean as well and my sister is stunned at his abilities in the water now, this is a kid that I we had to do so much planning around simply bathing him at one point!  I think Ry's favourite task is digging holes in the sand and finding all kinds of fabulous and new creatures. 

Auntie Keeta!
We had a switch-er-roo in my co-pilots again yesterday as well.  We took Pappa (father-in-law) to the ferry to go back to Vancouver and my oldest sister Keeta (Christa) drove up from Victoria to spend a few days with us.  The boys were certainly sad to see Pappa go but got a pretty sweet trade off with my eldest sister arriving to dote on them!

We also got another special visitor last night when my good friend, Adrienne came up for a short visit.  Ade and B were thick as thieves (as the other two were certainly enamoured as well!) and she got to have the full B experience with dipping him into the water tonight.  It was another late night tonight, I just can't seem to get these boys in bed before midnight!  All of this fresh ocean air and you'd think they'd be yawning off (like their Momma) by 8pm! 

We've got more visitors planned for tomorrow as well!

From Our (Borrowed) Home to Yours...


Anonymous said...

You are amazing, beautiful....Thankyou oh so much for sharing love your family..tears of joy are streaming down my cheeks that you would take such a leap of faith and share the JOY

Lia said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment, I'm sorry I didn't see it until now! I'm thrilled that our joy can be felt through my writing!