Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Season Of Giving BACK...who's in??

December??  Really??  I guess after being in hospital for both the majority of October, home for a week and then the majority of November then it's no big surprise how December stood up to say hello this morning!

The big boys are getting so excited for Christmas already, which is wonderful, but this is certainly not my favourite time of year.  Don't get me wrong, I love spending Christmas morning with my kids (although we've yet to have one with all THREE kids, B's third Christmas will hopefully be the one!).  I guess the best way to describe my feelings are that there is such a huge build up to one day.  So much stress for those that can't afford it, so much stress for those that feel the need for it to be 'perfect', so much stress for those who feel pressured into fulfilling a 'tradition' or are pitied for spending it alone.  My wish for this Christmas?  Take a moment to spread it forward people.  What better gift could you give then paying it forward (or donating blood!)?

I see struggle around me, I see people that need a hand, not money (although I see some that need that too).  Just keep in mind that if you can spend hours shopping in a mall then maybe you could spend 10 mins shoveling a neighbours walk?
I can't help but stop and think of how some of my wonderful friends are going to be spending their first Christmas without all of the one's they love.  Having to find the 'cheer' through their sadness, through their loss.  It breaks my heart.
On top of the struggle I do see kindness, I do see goodness.  I know so many of you go out of your way to donate time and money at this time of year (good on you!!!).  I just wish there could be a way that we could change Christmas into the 'season of giving BACK' instead of just the 'season of giving'...

Such a sick baby
My goal for this Christmas is to give back to the NICU here at Alberta Children's Hospital.  I've not decided on all of the actual nitty gritty details but I know that I need to do something.  B's first Christmas was so terribly stressful (he was still dealing with the agony of his Sepsis/Meningitis, recovering from heart surgery and being a preemie on top of everything else) and we had no idea what our future would bring.  I never imagined that Christmas that we'd still have another six months in hospital before he could come home for the first time.  This hospital never closes it's doors, just because it is Christmas doesn't mean that the hospital isn't still full to capacity.

Last Christmas B had been getting progressively more ill in 
Christmas morning before running into ACH for
the days leading up to it.  I'd had him into Emerge the 23rd of December to which they told me he had 'fluff' on his xray (pneumonia) but they let me take him home after getting a blood sample.  B had a really rough night on Christmas Eve and any other night I probably would have taken him in but I didn't.  I got a call on Christmas morning from the ACH Emergency Room, B's blood sample from the 23rd had come back as having bacteria...Sepsis two Christmases in the a row?  Really??  As it turned out it was a 'bad' sample but B was still admitted for the Pneumonia and Mike and the boys had a non-traditional Christmas dinner to say the least.

The Staff here make Christmas as wonderful as they possibly can, make no mistake, but it's still not the same as being home all together.

So, what's my plan?  I'm thinking along the lines of gas cards, grocery cards, Market Mall gift cards (it's right across the street from ACH)...I'm not too sure what else.  There are always presents for the children (of course there should be) but I'm hoping to support the parents, to make their day even a touch brighter.  I'm trying to think what could have made it less stressful for us and I can't really formulate an answer. 

Why the NICU?  Well I'd love to do something for the whole hospital but I'm only one Momma (who is already spread really thin).   If anyone would like to donate items or time to help me (please don't feel in any way you need to!) then please send me a message at or message me on Braeden's Facebook page or just send them to us directly at:
Lia (Braeden) Lousier
5628-4 St NW
PO Box 64174 Thorncliffe PO
Calgary, AB
T2K 6J1

So here it is folks, the 'SEASON OF GIVING BACK'...lets start a revolution! Let's make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time!

From Our Home (Unit 4) To Yours...

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