Friday, 2 December 2011

Homeward Bound

So there you go, heart surgery and flying home all within three days!  Braeden looks good today, so much more like he did before surgery.  He peeked open his eyes a few times today and even smiled, what a little trouper!  I am so in awe of this child and his ablity to heal himself!!

Braeden has been taking on more and more fluid unfortuantely so he is looking considerably more swollen today.  His little cheeks have puffed right out today again as did his eyes.  Ironically I feel more swollen today soon, pretty sure this 'mirror syndrome' was supposed to end when the cord was cut!  His blood work is stable, we are still concerned with the haemoglobin levels but not enough that they feel they need to be concerned here.  He still has a very long road ahead of him, we are planning on being at Children's for awhile still, but we at least have this huge road block/accomplishment behind us.  He is stable enough to travel and that is what matters!

We can't really say enough about our stay at the RMH, this is such an incredible organization!  We got to see many familiar faces in the kitchens/common areas here that we also saw outside the NICU or the PICU at Stollery.  The staff here are wonderful (no big shock there) but the experience for the boys is what is so important.  We are just tidying up our room (loving watching Michael mop the floors and scrub the toilet...), then the boys get to go pick out their quilts for themselves and Braeden.  Then it is onto the MAGIC ROOM, I will have to include a photo because I couldn't explain it well enough with words.  The boys get to pick out a brand new toy to take home for themselves.  The way they support the siblings here is so heartwarming, they obviously pay attention to the needs of the entire family!  The boys are both teary eyed about leaving Edmonton (as am I) and the hard part is explaining why we can't come and stay here again (at least I hope to hell we will never need to!!).  Torin is convinced that we need to live in Edmonton. I'm thinking he was loving all the family that we got to see and not to mention the spoiling they got from their Great Aunties here!

Off we go!  Braeden should be in the air anytime now and we'll be following shortly.
Entrance to the "Magic Room"

Two VERY happy and loved boys!

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