Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Violent Person??

I haven't blogged in the last two days because everytime I start I get angry all over again. 

I was SO concerned that they would leave my breast milk in Edmonton as I was pumping the whole time we were there because Squeak was still on a NPO order (no food).  Since we didn't know how long we would be in Edmonton, they sent up the storage that I had from Foothills as well.  I didn't want any of it left behind since I am having such a hard damn time getting much of anything still (yeah, it could still change, I know).  I was so concerned that the nurse actually put a sign ON Braeden so that the Transport nurses would see it and get the milk out of the freezer.  When I got to Children's yesterday (I forgot to ask the night before, big damn mistake!), I heard the WORST words that any nurse could have uttered to me, "We are very sorry about your milk".  Now, you are thinking that they forgot it right?  That it could still be sent down, right??  NOPE!!!  They BROUGHT it down and put it in the fridge, NOT THE FREEZER.  Because it was already frozen, if you defrost it you have to use it, it CAN'T be re-frozen....can't.  They had to throw out all of the milk that was more than 48 hrs old.  Braeden has been off food for 7 days, I am pumping 7-8 times a do the math.  I was SO crushed.  I immediately burst into tears, no surprise there, but then just started to laugh (abeit a bitter laugh).  Seriously?  I mean it just seems to be the way, why not throw another thing at me?  If I wasn't prone to be a violent person before I certainly could become one now!  Do they think THIS will help my milk supply?  They reassured me that they would file a report so that it wouldn't happen again but that is little consolation to me when this is what Braeden, needs most of all.  I truly believe that the blood in his stools are from a reaction to the formula they are using, as both Torin and Rylan had issues with pre-done formula (but not the mixed powdered). 

SIGH!  I am trying to let this go, there is nothing I can do about it and being angry won't change anything either so enough said.  As Jean would say, "Thanks for listening".

I have wonderful things to write about the RMH still so that will be my next post, I didn't want to sully it with my annoyance at the world in general (or the dumbass that screwed up royally).


Anonymous said...

Dear Lia,
Have you had a massage lately? I am really thinking this might be a good idea if you can fit it into your day. No one deserves one more than you right now!
Hugs, Deb

Lia said...

Dearest Deb,
I don't think I could attempt to relax even with a martini in hand with the massage!

Amie Roman said...

Oh NO. I know I'm late reading this, but geez. That really, really is just too much. I know it's an accident, and I know that some people would think "eh, no big deal", but that kind of crap is just overwhelming when you're already stressed out to the max and trying so darned hard. Mega e-hugs to you.