Monday, 5 December 2011

One of Those Days

One step forward...two steps back again...

Braeden is one sick little duck again today, he has an infection that has colapsed one of his lungs and is rendering him a limp noodle.  The nurse/Dr is assuming it is VAP which is a type of pneumonia, which would make sense with the intubation of the surgery, the transport, the three hospitals in under a week, I could go on.  They reintubated him this morning after attempting to give him back the CPAP (nose mask/prongs).  He was just struggling too much that they didn't have a choice and had to intubate.  He was also running a high fever this afternoon which is not normally seen even in sick babies.  They have had to give him two transfusions of platelets today and one whole blood transfusion as well.  They are trying to stablize his extremely low blood pressure by the transfusions and pumping him back up with saline.  As of tonight his blood pressure had come back up but my poor little boy is completely puffed out again.  He looked different in the short span of seeing him this afternoon to seeing him tonight.  It is shocking to me how sick they can get and how quickly it can happen.  Michael and I spent the afternoon with him yesterday (Daddy finally got to hold him after 27 days) and he was looking okay.  I did comment that he was looking a bit pale but otherwise was okay.  The first thing that we did start to notice is that he started having brady episodes (brachardia, low heart rate) during our visit.  His heart rate would dip down to 45 for a few beats and go back up.  His nurse just chalked it up to healing and such.  Unfortunately as the night progressed he got sicker and sicker until they intubated early this morning.

Back to intubated and getting sicker...oh my heart aches
It is hard on days like today to be positive, my little boy looks so very sick tonight and is completely limp.  It is hard to take that is for sure and even harder to watch, unable to do anything.  They did get the results back tonight that are positive for infection and they will know by tomorrow morning what it is exactly so that they can tweak the new antibiotics.  The sad part is that he just finished two rounds of antibiotics for the blood in the stools and was given EBM (breast milk) for the first time in 7 days yesterday only to be hauled off food again today and started on a new round of antibiotics.  Hopefully with the test results tomorrow they will now forgo the spinal tap they had been postponing till his blood pressure stablized.

All in all it's been a rough day.  It is never a good day when the Neonatologist calls you with news first thing in the morning.  Will try for a bit more lively tomorrow since tomorrow is yet another day.

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