Friday, 9 December 2011

THIS is the Way to Wake Up

This post isn't about Braeden (I'll write his next), it is about the amazing and wonderful support from those people in our lives.

Let me tell you what I awoke to this morning after spending the night cleaning up after a puking 6 yr old.  I wish I could play it for you but if you were listening to CJAY 92 this morning you might have heard it:

I woke up to the phone ringing (and cursing that I didn't take it to bed with me 1/2hr earlier like I thought I should).  The other end of the phone line belonged to Gerry Forbes and my sweet guardian angel, Jodi Hughes.  For those of you not from Calgary, Gerry is from the CJAY radio station's morning show and Jodi is my own personal local celebrity!  Jodi does a morning show on 1060 with her Dad, Jimmy Hughes (and I've caught up on my country oldies because of them) as well she is sometimes (hopefully you'll see her every weekend now) on CBC TV news doing the weather.  Unbeknownst to me, Jodi nominated our family for the CJAY 92 Secret Wish, which is Calgarians helping other Calgarians in need.  It came as an incredible shock and I have to say the 'interview' was certainly not scripted as I'm almost certain I came across as a bit of a dork! (and when I called Jodi 'huge' I meant her HEART!!!) :)  As a result of the nomination we have been blessed with gifts for all three boys (Santa Jodi must have gotten T and Ry's Santa letters because she bought them the thing they both desperately want this Christmas), gift cards and cash to help us out.  As if that weren't enough, our truly selfless friends of The Highwood Playschool got together and raised $800 of their own money to help us.  This is what makes me cry!  You all are such amazing women (and men), the kindness you have all shown us already with the pre made meals and kind, supportive words, coffees etc. have been over and above to what I ever could have hoped for or expected.  When I phoned Mike, in his shock he said, "but the kids don't even go to the playschool anymore!".

I can't put into words how difficult the past six weeks have been for us as a family, it was certainly not something that we could have prepared for.  The reason I have been able to remain 'strong' is because of all of the support we have received.  The CJAY Wish is just icing on the already well decorated cake.  I am asked daily how people can help and my answer is always, "I really don't know", but you have all still managed to help, each in your own way whether it is the offer of help, pre made dishes so I don't have to cook, or the offering of kindness and words!  I'm not one that has ever been able to ask for 'help' when I needed it, so again, thank you.

One thing I have always been blessed with is an amazing family, supportive parents and three big sisters (each with their own angel status for always standing by me and picking me up for the past 37 years). And who could have asked for such an incredible extended family and in-laws?  On top of all of this we have such an outstanding network of friends! 

Thank you really doesn't seem to be big enough words but that's what we are so very thankful for each and every one of you!!

Braeden is already so watched over that he really won't be able to get away with much once he does come home!

Much love and so many thanks!!!

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