Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Big Move

First visit with Jodi
Well we did it, we survived The BIG Move upstairs to Unit 2!  Braeden was a champ, screaming (silently) his head off and turning purple in the it so wrong that it doesn't faze me when my kid turns purple anymore??  We have been put into the respiratory wing of Unit 2 so it is more closely monitored than the rest of the floor.  I am confident that he is ready (as am I) ready to be up there and I am hoping that this will be the last of the ICU(s).

I had to laugh when we got upstairs yesterday because Eva (the most lovely polish nurse on the ICU), was talking up Unit 2 the whole day up till the move.  She was telling me that I'll be able to sit and relax and look out at the view...yeah, I'm looking at the staff parking lot!  Oh well, it is a nice little room and we are literally 5 steps from the nursing station so I know that maybe they can hear him if they listen although I did walk in tonight and he was screaming his fool head off...sigh.  It is nice to be in a 'real' room now, there is even a bathroom, yippee!  Whomever designed this hospital did have parents in mind as well due to the single bed in the room for Moms and Dads.  We are pretty much settled in but we aren't getting too comfy as he'll most likely move rooms in the next day or so when they are done construction on two new rooms (one of them will be ours).

Braeden is also getting geared up for more snuggles now, so you'd better sign up!  I am certainly open to him having a few more visitors now that he is getting to a more stable state, just please, please, please make sure you are not sick.  He is still only really able to have adult visitors (aside from the brothers) just to keep down the germ factors, YES, I did just call your kids (if ya got em) germy! :)

So now we wait...


Trish said...

I heard you had moved, hope you"ve settled in. Will try for a visit next time I am in.

Lia said...

We certainly hope to see you soon! We miss 'our' Nurse Trish! :)