Saturday, 18 February 2012

Photos by Andy Nichols

These are Andy Nichols' (Documentary Photog Extrodanaire!) shots from our Documentary piece on about Braeden's need for transfusions.  He has kindly shared them with me to post so please don't copy any of these (I'll happily print any of them), they are Andy's property not mine.

What is left of his red hair (what hasn't been shaved off to provide spots for IV access)

My Favourite


Adding some 'blow by' to get his SAT's up



Amie Roman said...

These are fabulous photos - and Andy did a great job of the story. Thanks for sharing and posting these great shots.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! My favourite is the 7th from the bottom :) Bliss <3

Kristine Cowart said...

What an absolutely gorgeous boy! I am a nurse at Rockyview Hospital NICU. I wish you all the best, what an honor to read your Blog! I have a special place in my heart for premature boys. They are super special <3

Lia said...

Thank you Kristine, you have my utmost respect for all that you do in your job each and every day!