Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Blood Drive Success!

What a day yesterday was!  Thanks to CTV's coverage (thanks Bill MacFarlane), we certainly got the word out about Blood Donations and their importance.  It was certainly amazing to watch the story unfold on the news, to watch our sweet little man on there (not to mention my cute husband!).  It was so very kind of Bill to give the special 'shout out' to the boys as well, it meant so much to them.  It is definitely difficult to understand why people just want to talk about Braeden all the time when they've got cool things like an elevator panel and Lego's to show off! 

 CTV Calgary - Blood Drive Gives Back(to view the video, click on Tara's picture on the right hand side)

Michael and I were at the downtown Blood Bank location from 9-1pm handing out cookies, oranges and water to people donating.  We met some wonderfully supportive and kind strangers (do they qualify as strangers if they hug you?).  A huge thanks to Lonnie and Jen (and Isla too) Nahu for the donation and extra time they spent with us for entertainment!  Also thanks to Nancy Osness, sorry we missed you!  We are already in the process of setting up the third Blood Drive, date to be announced once it's in place.  For more information please visit our Facebook page: Baby Lousier-Hicks Blood Drive

It is a bit overwhelming to see that the blog was viewed 1000 times yesterday as well. One word, WOW.  I am amazed that that many of you took the time to take notice of us and our quest to give back.

Mr. B is settling into his new room quite well, he was officially moved into the Gold wing on Sunday night.  The Dr's are just letting him be for the week to give him a chance to settle in completely and let them get to know him and his needs.  I am excited (not sure if that is the right word really) to see how he does next week when they start to wean his oxygen a bit.  I have full confidence that he'll be able to manage on a lower flow amount and well, if not then what are ya gonna do?  We have nothing but time now and I think that my goal to have him home by his first birthday is still a good goal to maintain.

This has been one hell of a road that we've been on these past four months (I went into hospital to stay Oct. 26th), and I am almost certain that when I look back on it in another year I won't know how we did it.  What I do know is this little boy has the power to move people!  He is such an amazing fighter, I don't know how he's made it this far but I am certainly thankful.  I can't imagine having him any other way, we might not have him healthy but we have him and he is ours as we are his.  People with typical kids may not 'get' this but I feel so thankful that I have special (specific?) needs children (it is terrifying, don't get me wrong), as they make us better people.  So much of our lives go by in a blur but when you have a child or children with needs greater (different?), than others sometimes you just have to learn to stop (of course it is the same when you have a child as smart as Ry as there are times when I need to plan my next move!).  Autism is not what Torin HAS it is simply who he IS and whatever they can find out about Braeden will not define him, it will just help us adjust our parenting style to suit his needs.

I may not qualify to win any 'parent of the year' awards anytime soon (at least the positive kind, not the 'oops, kids might need therapy kind'), but what I do know is I am one lucky Mommy!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story :)

Lorraine Lousier said...

Those are four lucky men to have you in their lives!

Lia said...

Thanks Auntie Lorraine! :)