Saturday, 11 February 2012


Okay, I figured after yesterday's post I HAD to post about today.

I had the most WONDERFULLY AMAZING visit with my littlest man today!  He was already awake in his crib when I got there and so we had a little play.  He was able to track a toy for a bit as well as take a good look at his mobile.  They might seem like small things but for a child with a brain injury these are really HUGE!  To see him act like a baby even in slight ways are exciting!

I let Mom hold him first as she's not had a cuddle for a few days and he just gazed out the window at the sunny day for the whole time.  He took his soother (another huge accomplishment is getting him to suck) and pretty much had a good oral workout for the entire hold.  He got a bit fussy so Mom passed him off to me and I completely expected him to pass out as he'd already been awake for an hour or so at this point.  He was in a very playful mood instead and I was able to get some response out of him by nibbling on his cheeks and finger tips.  Keep in mind that he's not able to respond like a 'typical' baby would with giggles and such but his face did light up at the sensations and he had my Mom and I laughing and laughing.  To see a response just makes you want to get it more and more.  You could see the light in his eyes and a slight smile on his face that he was enjoying it.  He kept reaching up the few inches to my mouth (reaching is huge) to have more nibbles and zerberts.  SIGH, in a good way, a happy and contented Mommy sigh.  Some days are just better than others, that is true with all of us, but it is so special when you can have a day of several kinds of wonderful all in two hours.

Michael and I went back up tonight but he was fast asleep on his tummy with his nose buried in the mattress (his favourite position, thank goodness for nasal prongs).  I put the side of the crib down and put my face next to his (MY favourite position!) and whispered in his ear.  He was in such a deep sleep but he raised his head up twice (and flopped it right back down into the mattress) so I know he knew I was there.  After the week we had, I am so very thankful for days like today. 

Little baby steps and little baby dreams = Perfection

P.S. I passed on his kisses for you! ;)


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Perfect perfect perfect! What an absolutely wonderful visit, so many, many good things in that tiny package!