Monday, 19 August 2013

Insomnia Again? Really?

Glow sticks are fun outside in the dark!
Onto another insomnia night...I hope this isn't a trend!  Braeden had a horrible night last night, one of his awake every 20 min nights and I'm so far past tired.  It's frustrating because I could fall asleep on a dime at any point generally in my day but when nighttime hits it's anyone's guess.  It's hard going to sleep at night knowing that I'll be wakened either by B or by his food pump generally within two hours so I never get into a 'good' sleep during that time.  I cleaned out the pump bag this morning at 1:30 and was SO stoked that the possibility of a 5 hour sleep lay ahead (if B cooperated, ha) and I was happy to return to bed to....lay awake for TWO hours.  It's now 3:30am and B's very unsettled and now I really can't sleep.

Enough about me!

Mr.B's pulling up more and more and it's getting to the point
What cha' doin' Ry-Ry??
of having eyes on him non-stop or things immediately hit the floor.  He decided to clear out one of my shelves in the kitchen for me today of my glass bowls (unfortunately couldn't find the camera in time) and he had a blast playing with a full two litre bottle of tonic water.  It is always a race to see if he gets to the cat's water first or if we can get it out of reach as he loves to water the entire kitchen floor.  My sister was laughing today (with me? at me?) on the phone saying "Remember this stage?" and my response was "No, it's been 6 years!!!".  It's been a long time since there was a toddler loose in my house (that was my own) and it's pretty darn special having one now!

Syringe fun at the park
I love that B goes 'exploring' trying to locate his brothers.  Since he is in constant want of his Momma (me) I find myself dodging rooms so that it takes him an extra bit to find me.  It's really quite hilarious.  Everywhere you turn now he's under foot and it's so great to see.
Just gonna text Daddy

We are still having so many feeding issues that B has to be strapped into a seat for a feed and gets really quite annoyed at the limited mobility it offers.  He gets to sort through a huge array of toys while 'stuck' eating and it's often a game of who can give B a toy that he won't immediately throw off to the side.  This kid knows what he wants when he wants it with no doubt!

some rare Momma photos

Momma lovin
Mike hung up a swing for him in the backyard today that he just loves.  I am hoping I can rig it up to fit him better as it was certainly not made for a kid with low tone but he seemingly loved it nonetheless (again, with the missing camera).  Outdoors is where he wants to be so I'm hoping with the addition of the swing we might even be able to incorporate a feed outside each day while the weather stays warm enough.

Big Brother Love, T loves B SO much that he'll even let B
play with one of his phones!
I'm in a bit of a panic mode these days as well because the countdown is on until my Mother goes home to Victoria and I have all of these 'projects' that I wanted to complete.  Some things never change around here, I've always got projects on the go and no time to do them (not to mention the lack of sleep doesn't help).

We are also feeling the push of back-to-school now (only two weeks to go) and I'm not looking forward to it this year.  What?  I know!  I've really enjoyed having all three boys home for the summer, it's been really great just having this time together.  The big boys are certainly getting excited about their pending return though (and escape from their Mom!).

Big Brother Snuggles
We've got a busy week at ACH ahead for appointments starting with a Seating Clinic to fit Mr.B for his new wheelchair/stroller.  I still haven't seen it and still don't have the funding in place to cover it (it's going to be at least $5000, yup $5000) since the government doesn't pay for this style of seating but I'm excited nonetheless to see it in person and to see him in it.

I am also still working towards getting a full-time position for B through FSCD and we are going to the next level for negotiations but I am willing to put the effort in since it will make all of our lives exponentially easier. 

I suppose there might be a few reasons for my insomnia after all...

Good morning and now good night (if Mr.B cooperates which he doesn't seem to be agreeable to at the moment since he's awake enough to play with his mobile...hello 4am).

From Our (TIRED of Being Tired) House To Yours...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lia
I am sorry to hear about your sleepless nights. It is so hard to function with so little sleep.
I just wanted to mention that if you talk to your OT, PT, or IDP worker (I assume you are connected with a team at the child development centre) about an adapted swing, they may have one to loan you.
Kristine (Hanson) Chu