Thursday, 29 August 2013

Entero Rhinovirus Fun at ACH

Meanwhile back on the range...B's been in hospital since Tuesday.  Could it be the explanation for the 'crabby baby' last week?  Highly probable.
Yeah, this is one sick baby

I had to bring B into Emerge on Monday because he was retching up a storm and not tolerating his food well (sounds familiar).  The thought from the ER Doc was that it was a stomach flu so we got sent home with two more doses of an anti-nausea drug and the hope it would blow over.  Was I hopeful?  Sure was but was also saying as I left Emerge, "great, see ya tomorrow!".  I do have to say though, in and out of Emerge in 4 hours?  Groundbreaking!

Teething and sick?  Gee, lovely!
Of course B plans this for the day when my Mom and Sister were set to leave to go home!  He had a horrible night Monday night and I knew Tuesday morning he had to be admitted because he couldn't even tolerate the Pedialyte that we'd been sent home on.  My Sis and Mom put off leaving for a few hours so that I could take him back in and not have to take the 'big boys' with me. 

Back in we went and got the same Dr as the day before so it was known pretty quick that B'd have to be admitted.  It was a decent Emerge visit though, great Nurse two days in a row and only ONE poke to get the IV in (of course this is after I told the Dr that I would give them two shots before I wanted the NICU or Transport called).  The not-so-good-news was that Purple Team (B's chronic kid team) was full so we had to be put on the Red Team but our Dr.V's on Red for this rotation and we're on Unit 2 so life is good.

Mr.B's just been blah, lethargic and well, blah.  He's had a few moments of 'happy' B but they are few and far between still.  He's content to lay still on the floor or in the crib (unheard of) so I know he's not feeling well at all. 

Too tired to go over Momma's leg
We finally got an answer today though, he's got Entero Rhino Virus (kind of a cold/flu in one).  He's not at all stuffed up though and his cough is gone, it's all GI (again, big surprise).  We did manage to get him back on Pedialyte today and it's been running since this morning and he's tolerating it.  He did get a saline cap on his IV tonight (still in but 'off') so that's another big step.  It's a beautiful IV too so we certainly don't want to pull it too soon knowing B.

Aiding and abetting with Nurse Nora
He did have a reassuring burst of energy tonight (just a bit ago) which was funny to watch.  I left Nurse Nora holding him so I could run down and grab some soup and when I got back there was a drumming party in his room with Nurse Breanna and Nora.  B was so happy to see Nurse Bree that he decided to make his way out the door to catch her when she went across the hallway to see another patient.  It was pretty darn funny to watch and very nice to have a good laugh!  I wish I'd been fast enough to catch it on film but then again, I don't know if I should have proof of him crawling across the floor here (I did sanitize him really well after)!

I keep hoping we're rounding the corner so I will have the same hope again tonight as he goes to sleep.  I've been going home and (not) sleeping there and B gets good and mad at me when I return.  This whole 'balanced' life stuff is for the birds!

From Our (Unit 2) Home To Yours...

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