Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Face Of Our Angel

The face of our Angel
Today was a serious day...it was HAIRCUT day!  This is actually B's second haircut but his first one was a little smaller than this one.  Needless to say Mr.B was NOT impressed with his Momma's decision to cut his hair, actually shave his head. 
little ham

It was time for the back-to-school haircuts and B's had this 'bald' spot at the front of his head where the PICU team shaved it in June to put a line in (although it never got put there after all).  It just made some sense (before I knew about the 'torture' it would cause him) to have it all the same length again and start over.

One of life's tortures, it was horrible
but we all survived
Needless to say I knew he'd fuss through it but I wasn't prepared for him to completely freak out to the point that he almost ended up with a mullet!  I had no intention to torment my poor baby but we were that far into it, we just had to power through it.  As you can see from the pictures he was NOT happy with me and he took 10 mins just to calm down afterwards.  Thankfully we were with out Hairstylist, Melissa who's been cutting the boy's hair since T was 18mths so she knows us well and I don't think she was too fazed by it.  However it might be a bit (like 5 years) before we attempt that again.
Tears shed by all but we survived..

B is now spending more and more time upright and spends time sorting (and by that I mean throwing) his toys in his bins.  I love watching him problem solve through things, it is so very awesome to see.  See the amazing video HERE (not too sure how/why it is sideways though!)

My Mom is still here and I can't remember what life is like without help again...I don't want to think about life after she leaves again.  It is SO nice to have someone that I can just hand B over to so I can do something!

We are doing another Oxsymmetry test overnight tonight (if B ever falls asleep) and this might just be our last one (for now), fingers crossed.  We've been oxygen-free for two full months now (aside from the surgery hiccup) and I can't even tell you how freeing it is!  I still have friends tell me that they get concerned when they see him without it though! 

I still have to get a video of his 'river dance' and he's now answering me when I ask him "what does a cat say?" (might not sound like a typical 'meow' to you but he's still responding!).  Our boy is growing like a weed and getting so much stronger as each day passes and we have so very much to be thankful for!

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