Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Blankie Stories II (Linda and Colleen)

This post is a bit late as we got the blankie last week but better late then never!

This blanket came to us via one of B's NICU Nurses, Colleen and her sister Linda. 

Colleen was one of the Nurses that saw B through that first
October 2012, from the post "One step forward, two back"
(terrifying) Christmas when B was coming back to us from his Sepsis/Meningitis.  You also might remember that she was the NICU Nurse that came and put a line in B's head when he ended up in PICU last October and they could not get a line into him.  I asked for them to call the NICU with the hopes that Colleen would come and sure enough she did! 

I put the call out for blankies and Colleen picked out the colours and found the 'wool' in Canmore.  (You can't see it from the picture but it is lovely and heavy and oh so soft!)  She then asked her sister Linda if she'd consider knitting it for Mr.B.  Linda agreed and here we are!  They came by to deliver it in person last week and I'd say that it was an instant success with Mr.B!

Thank you so much to both Colleen and Linda!  Mr.B loves, loves, loves it!

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