Saturday, 7 September 2013

Not The Best Way To Do Back-To-School

Sad that I didn't get a chance to write a "We're Home" post since we ended up right back in ACH less then a few later.  Of course this ties in with the first week of school for the big boys and Torin with a double ear and sinus infection...of course.
First day of Gr 2 and 3! (poor T, we didn't know how sick he was!)

I knew B wasn't 100% when we took him home (he spiked a 38 degree fever right before we left hospital) but I had high hopes.  I was 100% on board with taking him home Tuesday and was sure things would be okay.  Sadly by Tuesday night things were already not so 'okay'.

Back in jail good think he likes it!
I think with being at home B's on the move so much more (he never stops) and with the extra exercise his tummy said enough.  He was cramping up during feeds again and I had to switch him back to a 75/25 blend of formula/pedialyte.  He was up half the night with just being 'uncomfortable'. 

Escape artist in the making...
Wednesday was a quiet day at home and B slept on and off all day (so not normal) and was content to be held between times of play (also so not normal).  He was also not stooling nearly as much as he should have been (you're welcome) and yet another loooong night.

Peek-a-boo Mom!
Thursday was much the same as Wednesday and I knew he wasn't getting enough calories because of the need for the pedialyte.  He was increasingly uncomfortable on Thursday night and couldn't settle into sleep.  He would sleep, scream, sleep, scream, etc.  I finally vented him after a another lovely screaming episode and he had a huge blood clot come through his g-tube (directly out of his stomach).  I wouldn't have been so panicked if it was 'old' blood but this was fresh.  I even went so far as to get a urine container to put it in just to show the ER staff how large it was (they didn't seem all that impressed FYI).

Attempt at escaping number 2
Off to Emerge at midnight with the offending clot in tow, unsure of where the heck it had come from.  We were seen fairly quickly since he'd just been released a few days earlier and the Resident asked if I thought he needed to come in.  I really couldn't decide at that point, he was 'fine' in Emerge but then the more I thought about it (and talked to her about it) I knew he also wasn't getting the calories he needed at home.  The thought would be that he needed to go back to continuous feeds again and I just can't do those at home.  Imagine if you will a 22mth old attached to a feed line and pump trying to crawl just doesn't work.  Nor does B just 'sit' still while at home, he wants and needs to explore.  So back in we came.

Baby on the run...
He got put back on the Red Team on Unit 2 since Dr.V was still on rotation for one more day.  Thankfully we were upstairs only 5 hours later (after walking into Emerge) since I was completely punch drunk with exhaustion.  Mr.B refused to sleep and had pretty much been up 15 hours straight at this point.  He still took a bit to sleep after getting up to Unit 2 but he did finally crash.

I'll do it myself!
Dr.V did the first day of Pedialyte to give his tummy/guts a rest and then we went back on full strength formula but on a continuous drip.  He's been tolerating that since yesterday so that is good news and the other good news is that there's not been anymore blood.

As for why you ask??  Sadly, once again, nobody knows.  The abdominal xray is about the same as the one that he had a week ago, and the belly is soft and pliable.  Who knows!  The assumption is that his tummy is just that sensitive right now. 

Sometimes Mom and I just sit and
think of what will come...
I'm not too sure what the plan of action is right now (being the weekend and all) but the hope is for a short stay. We've also got a new Dr on, I haven't met him yet and he's new to B.  Dr.V has left extensive notes for her Team replacements though so I know that we will be taking it slow and steady going up on his feeds. 

It seems that time is what he needs so time is what he'll get.

From Our (Unit 2, Again) Home To Yours...

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