Sunday, 1 September 2013

Gaining Ground, One Day at a Time

We're back on full strength formula and IV's out (last night)!  Yay for Mr.B!  He's still on continuous feeds for now and we'll put him back onto his bolus feeding schedule tomorrow (fingers crossed!).  I know he'll handle it, he's trouping through.  I am so thankful that Dr.V is his Dr. this trip and that we've been able to take it as slow as we have because one more day during this 'stay' could certainly mean the difference between us being back again soon or not.  I am hoping for a release on Tuesday if all goes as planned, a good tie in for the first day of school of course!  Now if we could just get this boy to gain some weight, he's dropped more weight again today and his little ribs simply poke right out!

B was in good spirits today when I got here this morning, he played (albeit quietly) and when he got fussy I tucked him into bed so I could sneak out to grab groceries...ha ha Momma.  He lay and watched me quietly for TWO hours, he knew I told the Nurse I would stay until he was asleep!  Stinker.  I know he's feeling better because he's just fallen asleep (and slept so much) for the past week that him not sleeping today was a good sign. 

Nurse Sarah made an awesome 'plastic' cast for me so I could
take a bath Friday night!

IV's out, not lemme in this tub!!
Sweetest Face!
I did finally give up on him falling asleep and ran out to Costco to shop for the back-to-school lunch goodies.  Apparently Mr.B was great entertainment while I was gone (no surprise there).  Nurse Sarah (we drew the lucky straw and got Sarah and her wonderful Student Daniella for her rotation) put him in his seat in his doorway and he danced and laughed for anyone that would come and hangout with him!  Sarah was able to get him to do his 'River Dance' as well (I still haven't caught it on camera!) and lots of hand claps and kisses.  He was well stimulated and happy which is always such a relief to hear so that I can try to assuage the guilt of not being here.

Mr.B did have Nurse Sarah and I completely in stitches last night too as he said "wow" clear as a bell for us.  Hilarious!  He will repeat it but it's certainly not as clear as it was the time he said it out of the blue for us.  (It is also nice to have a 'witness' so that I don't have to swear that I'm not making it up! :))

OH how teething SUCKS!
I am also really not sure how it is physically possible for one little boy to cut quite so many teeth in such a short period of time.  I counted all 8 of his top teeth today (only had 2 molars on top two weeks ago) and he wouldn't let me count the bottom completely but it looked like 6 are through (3 previous).  As if being sick wasn't enough!!  I'm sure he's been in constant pain on top of everything else because his poor gums are so red and sore looking.  Leave it to B to break the norm!!

All in all it's not been a bad week, just a long one but life always gets longer when B's in hospital.
I'm so lucky RT Kari's been by to see me the last two nights
(she was on vacation earlier, the nerve!)
(Kari was B's HomeCare RT for his first year after his first release from ACH)

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