Sunday, 8 September 2013

Blankie Stories Part I (Brenda Clarke)

Awhile back I put out a request for anyone that could and wanted to make a blankie for B.  I was amazed and thrilled that I got some wonderful offers!  Mr.B is a complete blankie baby as were his brothers (and his Momma too!), there is just something so comforting about a knit or crocheted blanket!

The first blanket arrived this week all the way from Nova Scotia from a wonderful woman named Brenda Clarke.  Brenda is the Grandma and Mom to the incredible McConnell Family.  The McConnell's have been so giving and kind to us throughout our journey (and all four years we've known them) and we met Brenda through her daughter Lisa when she was out visiting.  Lisa brought the blanket to the school (where our children attend together) and there were tears in her eyes when she handed it to me...I looked at her and said, "hm, think I'll open it up the letter at home!".  Brenda, like her daughter, is so wonderfully kind and she was one of the first to offer to make B a blankie (and sent me the nicest email asking if she could).
Checking it out...
Happy B approved!
I love this shot because he's rubbing it on his nose,
I am imagining that he's smelling the 'nature'
infused in the love of this blankie!

I asked those of you making blankets if you could include a picture and a bit about the blanket itself and I've asked Brenda if I could share part of her letter that she wrote to B.

Tastes okay too!  He doesn't generally chew his blankies so this
one must really be special!

Brenda wrote:

August 26, 2013

...Here's a little bit about me...I live so far away.  I live in Nova Scotia, that is on the east coast of Canada, at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.  I saw that this past summer you were rolling in the sand on the west coast of Canada at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  I think you really enjoyed it and I know how it feels, because I love to be near the water and the sand too.

This year I learned to kayak and have been really enjoying the pleasure of the freedom of summer, sunshine and family.

When I decided to make this 'blankie' for you, I wanted it to be blue for all the sky and water I have around me and green for all the trees and grass that I live near.

So Braeden from my heart to yours...Enjoy everything that I little boy does and I hope to meet you when I come to Calgary next time!

Also tell Mommy she's Awesome!

Brenda Clarke on her kayak with the gorgeous blankie for B

Now if you're not teary-eyed I certainly am!  I had a good cry when I saw how gorgeous the blanket is and cried again when I read the letter.  To say Mr.B approves is a vast understatement, I handed him his new blankie and he immediately threw the toy down he was playing with and stuck his thumb in his mouth...100% Certified, B approved!

(Unfortunately) we also know it's hospital approved

I am repeatedly touched at people's kindness when it comes to our little family and how supportive you all are.  Thank you for that and I look forward to bringing you more blankie stories soon!

From Our Home (on Unit 2) To Yours...

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