Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Buy One Surgery, Get Three Free

I know so many of you are not only worried about Mr.B but also about me and my own state of mind.  I am holding my own, I swear!  The crazy events of Friday didn't hit me until Sunday night when the kids were in bed, Mike was home from his weekend away and I got home from the hospital.  I was getting ready for bed when the anxiety attack hit but I was ready for it.  Anxiety is funny really for me, when I am feeling anxious I am also still completely calm in my head.  I might be hyperventilating but am still calm in my head and know that I am simply having anxiety.  I got to relax (albeit during a panic attack) and finally have a good cry with Michael there for support.  I may not be taking care of myself in the healthiest of ways (can you say emotional eating???) but I am trying to take care mentally.

Mr.B got moved upstairs on Sunday night and then proved that he was really a stinker because he started having 'Brady's' (low heart rate) almost immediately.  There was talk of shipping him back but the Dr was confident that his colour was good and he was flipping out of the shortly on his own.  I think he just wanted everyone to know he was back!  It was very nice of them to 'hold' (they didn't really) our room for us, we got back into the same room.  What are the chances?  I am still shaken up over the whole incident but I think that it is probably natural.

B's Dr down in the ICU was telling me that the surgery for the malrotation would likely be within the week but I've since been told that they will wait as long as they can for him to build up his strength again.  That is the one major thing with him since Friday, he is exhausted the poor little guy.  The surgery team want him strong to go under the anesthetic so that they can attempt to perform several procedures on him at once.  They will fix the malrotation (necessity), probably fix his umbilicus hernia (since they are in there), put in a G Tube (feeding tube into the stomach) and 'wrap' his esophogus (Fundoplication) to help prevent the reflux.  It sounds like a lot because it IS a lot.  We are having a multidisiplinary meeting next Weds with all the players with the hopes of getting a better idea on:
  1. What we want done and how it is completed
  2. Why we should agree to it 
  3. If he is strong enough to handle it all
  4. Is he going to form clots again
  5. etc etc etc
I am certainly glad that surgery isn't this week although that can change in a heartbeat if B starts having symptoms of the malrotation torquing.  He has had some bile spit ups (shouldn't really be having any with a NJ tube) in the past few days but I think they are also linked to other things.  We are also looking into how deep the NJ tube should really be, the Radiologists are not in agreence on the placement.  One put it at 55cm and the other placed it at 70cm, that's a pretty huge difference!!!

Overall Braeden is still weakened from Friday and I'm sure he'll just need the time to rebuild his strength.  He is looking better already but you can tell he's still not himself with the d-sats and the Brady's (which are most likely caused by his heart meds).

We certainly have a busy few weeks ahead of us with appointments with Neuro, ENT and our big mulit-disiplinary meeting Weds but things will be much nicer around here when two of the Sisters (and nephew) arrive on Friday night not to mention my Father-in-law the week later.

I stop and think some days that if we had one of his issues to deal with that in and of itself would be pretty stressful so what does it make it when you multiply that by 1000?  Hmmm.


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Two more speelps

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Crap. That was suppose to read "two more sleeps"