Monday, 19 March 2012

Two Sisters in the House

Considering the excitement of the past week and a half, B's had a quiet few days.  We do however have a nice full house!  Two thirds of the Sisters are here with my nephew, Rafe, which is going by too fast already.  Of course now I have two little boys, a husband AND a sister running a fever....hmmm, not great timing on any of that.

There are many things that I need and should thank my parents for but my three big sisters are by far the most important (even if I am still the 'baby' sister).  They give me love, support and friendship and I can only hope that it will be the same for my three boys (we are seriously missing Reece {bossy booterson} and Acadia though!).

Braeden had the most wonderful play/day today.  He was awake when we arrived this morning and was just happy and content for the visit.  I think he was showing off for his Aunties!

I have a meeting tomorrow morning with the surgeon assigned to Braeden's case (intestinal malrotation) and will have a good (better?) idea tomorrow what the surgery entails and how much/many surgeries they will want to do since they will have him under anaesthetic.  We are also in the process of having a muti-disciplinary meeting sometime in the next week with the Surgery team, Cardiology, Haematology, Genetics and ENT to plan for the next few weeks.  B has another follow up 'swallow' test with the ENT on Friday and I'm looking forward (hoping!) to see the vocal cord move some more.  Mr.B's voice has gotten a wee bit stronger in the past week and I am so hoping this means that he'll get his whole voice back sooner (!) or later.

We've a busy rest of the week ahead with the scheduled meetings and tests (not to mention now sick kids at home).  Braeden is (seemingly) getting stronger after taking more than a week to recover from his Coding.  His little body was so worn out and tired that he pretty much slept the past week away.  He did slip into a fast SVT on Friday but that is the only 'blip' we've seen since re-starting his heart meds which is reassuring.  I am definitely nervous for his ENT test on Friday but all I can hope is that he is feeling strong enough to handle the stress of the testing.  The biggest positive of the test Friday is that I get to hold B in my lap while they do the scope and I will certainly voice my opinions if I feel he is too distressed.  There is a fine line of being assertive verses an over protective Mom  but I suppose it will be trial and error from here to find that line.

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