Thursday, 1 March 2012

Say What You've Gotta Say!

What a week!  It is official, I need a wife!  I have survived my first full week without help (aka my Mother) but man has it been difficult!

Meeting Erin, professional Snuggler
Last Friday: Had to take the cat to the vet (oh yes, three medically dependent geriatric cats on top of everything else) before taking the kids to school.  So kids dressed in winter items, cat in carrier yowling her fool head off and trying to break through the metal bars at my front door when I realize, 'oooops!' I didn't pack Torin a lunch or Rylan his snacks! Gak!

Looking  back on the week now, the house is a disaster (don't tell health Canada), the laundry is in piles (clean at least), the walk and driveway did get shoveled when needed, I did spent a minimum of four hours a day at the hospital and the kids were all fed and loved.  Sounds like success to me!  I do have to admit that I might not have been in the happiest of moods throughout it though, I'm just sayin!  Thank you Tonda for the mid-week dinner and treats, it was a great help!

Hello Tonda!
Mr.B has had a fairly uneventful week (should I be crossing my fingers as I type this?), we did switch over to the NJ tube feedings from the NG however.  He's been having issues with reflux more and more and they've had him on a drug for it but it's not really preventing it.  When you've got weak lungs they need to be protected from reflux so the choice for the NJ I think is a good one although it is technically a step backwards.  The NG tube goes in through the nose and into the stomach and stays there whereas the NJ tube looks the same but goes right into the small intestine and has to be viewed via xray for proper placement.  He has to be on continuous feeds (which he already was) for an NJ tube because the intestine isn't designed to digest food really.  He seems to be taking to it alright, not much of a change for him really just more so the process in which to put it in.  We've only pulled it out once so far...I am hoping that B's trend of ripping things out of his nose might slow down but it could be a long shot.  He's got his poor little hands covered 24/7 unless I am giving him tactile sensation to try to be a bit more preventative with the pulling.

New Tumble Form therapy seat
We also got a good jump on his OT and Physio this week which is really exciting for me.  I am all over the therapy process people, I KNOW it works!  I quite like both the OT and Physio ladies and they had some great things for me to do to try to get a bit more stimulation out of him.  He loves is new therapy chair and gets quite exhausted after 10 mins or so but it is a good workout for him.  We are pretty much working on the baby basics and he is already impressing his therapists.  I asked if they had seen him on his tummy to judge his neck strength and they had not.  So I flipped him over and my big strong boy lifted his head up and took a good look around shocking the therapist!  She didn't think he'd be ready for tummy time let alone be able to raise his head!  What a Superstar!!  This kid is going to get any therapies and monies available to him and I'm not sitting and waiting for it to come to us (which it doesn't FYI).

It has been a brutal week but a rewarding one too in the sense that I can do this, I just can't do it ALL.  I'm sure T and Ry are in for more 'grumpy Mommy' but hey, this house doesn't clean itself ya know (um yeah, I did just say that Mom!).  We did have a ladybug in the kitchen today as well, maybe spring isn't too far off?  I'm not holding my breath on that one though, we should still have a pretty serious amount of snowfall still.

The week did have a pretty spectacular end to it tonight though (I'm talking as though it is Friday as the kids are off school tomorrow), the boys had a theatre group in residence in their school this week so we got to see the 'play' the kids wrote and performed tonight.  I have two words to describe it "Hi Mommy" in the middle of lines is the BEST!  So very proud of both of my theatrical boys, they must come by it honestly!  It's all from Mike I swear (Ha ha ha for those of you that know my very low key husband!).

T's big role
We have a great start to a Blood Drive in Nanaimo on April 11th too, one of my wonderful besties Kiran is in the process of organizing it.  Kiran is an overachiever in the best possible ways so I know it will be a wonderful success!

Our third Calgary Blood Drive is already in the process as well, it will take place on March 24th.  Our spots are filled up already I believe but you can always call 1-888-2donate to join us.  For those of you that have already donated in the past few months in Braeden's name, can you please mssg (or leave a mssg on here or FB) me to let me know again so that I can get a more accurate count please?  I believe we are close to 30 donations now but would love an accurate number heading into our third drive.

So I've also made the decision this week to go big or go home when it comes to spreading the word about the positives and necessities of blood donation, I've contacted the Ellen show with the hopes that she might do a small piece on it.  I figured that I really have nothing to lose!  So what if it never gets looked at, I can say that I've tried!  If any of you want to help me out in this quest please feel free to write her a short email talking about the cause, message Ellen and/or post on her FB page and who knows?  Crazy things can happen if you put yourself out there!!!

"Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you've got to say, and say it hot." D. H. Lawrence

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