Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ground Glass and Arsenic?

Here I am, down for the count.  Yeesh!  Whenever my children ask me what is for dinner I respond "Ground glass and Arsenic" as it is what my (oh so wise) Grandmother used to say.  I certainly feel as though I swallowed glass but energy wise I don't feel as horrible as I did yesterday.  After vacuuming and showering yesterday I had to lay down, I know, who bothers to vacuum when you are sick?  I hate being in a messy house when I'm sick, it just seems to prolong it for me.  I am taking my Gripp-Heal, Engysol and Zinc tablets religiously so I am hoping for a shorter version and trying to be positive (not that the first couple of sentences sound like it).

My poor boys (the big ones) have now been sick for 11 days (and counting), they finally had a brief interlude of energy yesterday but I spent 1/2 the night in and out of their room again while they coughed their little lungs out.  I am hoping with all of the lysol-ing and airing out of the house that I can somehow prevent my Father-in-law from picking it up, though with the kids crawling all over him that might be a pretty long stretch.  I was just going to write that B seems to have had a fever for a day and that was it but the phone literally just rang and his nurse Deb informed me that he's now on isolation.  SIGH!  He's been gagging a bit this morning and had a spit up with a 'vomit' smell (sorry for the queasy ones).  I actually feel better if they err on the side of caution with him, isolation isn't a big deal, it just looks worse than it is.  There are many kids on his ward that have viral illnesses so for them to take precautions before seeing him isn't such a bad idea.  Being on isolation means that in order to be in the room you need to wear a gown, gloves and a face mask which you remove upon leaving the room, thus leaving the germs behind (hypothetically).

Mr. B also had a concerning spit up (yes, this is what my life has come down to, analyzing spit ups), last night that was brown in colour.  The Dr did a good look over him as the biggest fear with him right now is the chance of a volvus (kinked intestine), but he looked good otherwise.  The Dr is speculating that maybe he had a bit of a bloody nose and some went into the stomach.  It wouldn't be such a stretch due to the high flow oxygen.  Another idea is that due to the high flow oxygen you can form small ulcers in the nose and stomach from the pressure...we're not going there.

Our big meeting has now been postponed for a week due to my illness which is fine, I can wait another week.  It might be easier to mesh schedules next week as it is anyhow it just means I don't have someone in my house so I can be there under short notice.  We'll figure it out, they are already talking about teleconferencing Michael in on it if he can't leave work.  Besides it gives me another week to form another thousand or so questions.

Back to my hot lemon and honey...

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