Tuesday, 6 March 2012

S-V-T 1-2-3

Is it really only Tuesday??

I know I'm tired when I can fall asleep anywhere and anytime but sometimes life is just so not funny that it is 'sit your butt down and laugh so you don't cry' funny. 

I've been burning the candle at both ends for awhile now and there are things that just don't get done regularly right now, housework being one of them.  It's not like the place is that bad, it just gets done in the hours after the other two go to bed so when I came home for a brief lunch with Ry yesterday let me tell you how unpleasantly surprised I was when I found brown smear marks around the house.  There are many downsides to having geriatric cats, one of them being the ability to properly use a litter box in cold, snowy weather.  (Keep in mind the litter box was just cleaned the night before)  One of my darling (not what I called her yesterday) cats got some poop stuck on her and proceeded to try to get it off, on the carpet, on the couch, on the bathmat...yes.  Do you laugh, cry or scream??

My other 'funny' moment that wasn't really funny is actually about Braeden.  I chose to go and get my grocery shopping done this morning instead of my usual drop the kids at school and race to the hospital for an hour and a half (it was 10% Tues after all).  I was feeling guilty about it (of course) so when I walked in this afternoon I saw our favourite Cardiologist at the Nurse's station and told her about my guilt.  We had a little laugh and she told me that she was missing Braeden but didn't have the time to have a visit with him today as she was so busy, and she was feeling a bit guilty about it (sense a theme yet?).  I told her that it isn't a bad thing to be low on the Cardio's list and she told me that she would be around Thursday and would come and see him then.  I walked down the hall to Mr.B's room and followed a nurse in because his alarm was going off.  No big deal, they go off all the time and he's generally fine.  He was being held by a very nice Volunteer and looked great to me.  The next thing I know Dr. Fruitman is standing next to me telling me that B was having an SVT.  For the love of Pete (whoever you are Pete!)!  Dr.F literally walked past the monitors at the Nurse's station and caught B's SVT out of the corner of her eye.  As she walked back up to the station to print it off he flipped up again, just to prove to me he could I think!

So here we are, back to the SVT's again (this is the tachycardia or rapid heart rate in case you've forgotten).  It's funny because I saw the monitor flip up the other day but didn't think anything of it as the leads aren't exactly reliable when the babies are moving.  Moral of the story?  Don't tell Braeden that you don't have time for him, he'll make you have it!  Little Turkey!  The Nurses were in a bit of a flurry about it, I guess they don't see many of them on the Respiratory ward!  He's now got to wear a 'halter' (extra leads that measure and record his heart rate for 24 hrs), for the next 24 hrs, we've got ice on standby as well as the Adenisine (drug to bring him out)...though now that I am typing that I don't know how they would administer the drug without an IV...hmmm.  Dr.F doesn't want to jump the gun and medicate him just yet until we know for sure how many 'runs' he's actually having.  It goes to show how amazing she is that she caught it at all as it was only for a minute.  It's NOT life threatening, it has nothing to do with his heart surgery, his heart looks good and strong, it IS just Braeden.  If we do have to go the meds route then he'll be medicated for a few months then taken off and we'll see if he's outgrown it.  Basically he's telling me not to get too comfy just yet!

Dr.F and I did have quite the laugh about it (sometimes when it comes to B I have to laugh so that I don't pull my hair out), he is just not one to take 'no' for an answer!  I told her (tongue in cheek) it was because I missed my morning with him and she told me it was because she wasn't going to come and see him.  It has been this way for 4 months (tomorrow), he has uncanny timing for things!

So big day tomorrow, Mr.B is 4 mths old tomorrow!  I realized today that he could very well start teething soon!  Yikes.  If you'd asked me back in October if I would believe that we'd still be in hospital in March (without an end date in sight mind you) I would have thought that it would be 'unsurvivable'.  It is sometimes a good thing to not have that crystal ball. 

One foot, one step, one day at a time.

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