Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Back to Daytime Oxygen

We had an interesting morning around here today, the day started with our HomeCare team coming in for our monthly visit (Nurse Luci and RT Shawnee).  Mr.B was not impressed at having a stethoscope anywhere near him and was fussy throughout the visit.  The last time they were here we trooped into the Emerge after the visit as B had poor air entry into his lungs (had a partial collapse and/or pneumonia).  Today his lungs sounded way better then they did last time but unfortunately Mr.B wasn't able to keep his Sat's up (oxygen).  B's typically Sat's 96-98 off his oxygen but today it was a struggle to get him as high as 93 and he was also dipping into the mid-80's when he was fussing.  Not that big of a deal, Shawnee was happy that his lungs sounded good and wasn't immediately concerned with the Sat's.

We've gotten so used to seeing him without his o2
I called into Respiratory to get him into an appointment and explained that his Sat's were low(er) and that he was losing colour and Sat's when upset.  I had a crazy swollen eye this morning (some type of allergic reaction) and Rylan home sick from school again so when the Nurse called me back (from Resp) I was certainly surprised when she told me I had to take B into Emerge.  I asked if I could wait until Thursday (when Ashley is here) as I had a sick 6 yr old at home (and a swollen eye for driving) but her answer was, "Wellll, it's your choice, you know him best BUT my advice is to take him in...". 

Now don't get me wrong I'm concerned that his Sat's are lower especially since he's been retching SO much and there is always a possibility of aspiration but I certainly didn't have it in my mind that he needed to go into ACH.  I called Mike to tell him and pretty much burst into tears, it would just break my heart to take him in when I know he's happy at home.  Mike's advice was really what choice do we have?  He was right (shhhh), I was doubting myself and the thought of not taking him in and then something happening would be too much to take. 

Getting tangled in the tubing
I decided to double check with his Nurse and RT that had been here this morning (as we'd never discussed the possibility of taking him in) and we made a group decision that he didn't need to go in right away as his lungs sounded good (and none of us had a 'gut' feeling which is way more reliable with a kid like B most days).  Now of course this IS Braeden and he's had full blown pneumonia before with clear sounding lungs.   We decided to do another 'watch and wait' with B and have put him back on his oxygen during the day (when he leaves it on) and here I sit.

These tubes are a pain!
Mr.B is definitely finding it mobility more difficult with the addition of the oxygen tubing!  He gets himself nicely tangled up as he rolls and finds his way around the floor.

We do have our appointment with Dr.Brindle (surgery clinic) tomorrow so we'll get a chance to find out her opinion on the retching and reflux and we finally get in to the GI Dr. on Monday.  As always with Braeden, it's never one issue but has to seemingly be several at a time now that we've added the night terrors.  I've gotten some great advice from other parents and suffers thus far, thank you for that.  I'm trying so very hard to be patient through them each night but I have to say that I thought that I was already exhausted but now with the addition of the multiple night terrors it takes it to a whole new level.  Now if I could JUST find that magic wand of mine...

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