Saturday, 11 May 2013

In Honour of Gavin Leong and Chasing Rainbows

We just got home from our 8th successful Blood Donor Clinic!  I, unfortunately, couldn't donate again today due to low frustrating but I don't know if I'll be able to donate until I start getting some sleep (Mr.B).

I am so touched each 56 days when we go to Canadian Blood Services because they are always SO welcoming and SO happy to see us (Mr.B) back.

I am also so touched at my wonderful family and friends that troop down there with us, tirelessly, and give a piece of themselves in honour of our son.  I hear so many times from people when I tell them how we run blood clinics every 56 days to honour the life saving blood that B received (35 transfusions in his first 10 weeks of life, 37 transfusions total), that they 'have been meaning to'.  Well people, GET OFF YOUR BUTTS!  Blood is in constant need in this country (as it is worldwide) and there will come a day (if not already) where someone you know and love will need a transfusion to possibly save their lives.  It only takes an hour total and you are quite possibly saving someone's life.  Think about that for a moment if you will, ONE HOUR of your time is EQUAL to someone's LIFE. (Okay, I'll get off my soapbox!)

Mr.B's handsome Daddy donating for Gavin
We did something different today as well, we donated today to honour another little boy who so tragically lost his life last month.  Today we donated in honour of Gavin Leong (Kate's blog link).  No I never had the pleasure of meeting this little boy but I do follow his Mom's blog and their story has always touched me deeply.  I introduced many of you to their story on our Facebook page and I know there are some of you following it now and giving your support to their grieving family, THANK YOU!  Gavin's story is similar to B's in the sense that he had an incredibly long road of hospitalizations and specialists shaking their heads (mostly in a good way) to the why's and how's of these boys.  Like B, Gavin also had an undiagnosed underlying genetic syndrome and also like B, had cerebral palsy (among other similarities).  Kate (Gavin's Momma) has asked that people continue on honouring Gavin and his memory by completing good deeds and selfless tasks in his honour (click the link to her FB page).  It was our pleasure today to donate in honour of sweet Gavin, so many miles away but so close to our hearts.
Dana, ACH Volunteer Extraordinaire and Friend

Gorgeous Jenn-a-belle, Friend Extraordinaire

Kelsey-kins (and baby Araya hiding behind B), Special Needs
Asst/Aide Extraordinaire and Friend
Tania Teacher Extraordinaire and Friend

Like I said, get off those butts people!  If you can't give blood, go out and perform and act of kindness, just because!  We can all make the world a better place! :)

From our home to yours.


Kate from Chasing Rainbows said...

Wow. Thank you so, so much. I feel incredibly honored that you would go out of your way to remember and honor my little boy. This absolutely made my night!

Lia said...

We were so happy to be able to honour such a sweet little Superman! Each person that donated Kate follows your blog or has seen me comment on it (or like my husband gets regular updates from me) they were all happy to do it and I think it made the day that much more special! I have cried many tears for your loss and I wish that there was more that we could do but I know nothing at all will heal your profound loss. You've inspired me and helped to reinforce in me that my path with Mr.B is so very important and I am so blessed to be on it. Thank you for your bravery in your writing and for even taking the time to comment here! I'm glad we were able to give you a small lift today. All the very best from up here in Calgary, Alberta.