Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day, Retching and All!

"If you think my hands are full, you should see my Heart!"
Mums from T and roses from Ry
Our attempt at a 'smile' shot!
The VERY Happiest of Mother's Day everyone!  Michael asked me what I wanted for Momma's Day this year and I told him (in all seriousness) that I had everything because it was

going to be my first Mother's Day with all three boys home with us.  Of course I also then mentioned I would not be disappointed by gems, jewels or gold either!

Grandma Hurray
I just wanted to say "Thank you" to the most wonderful Moms that I could ever ask for, my Mother and my Mother-in-law (who is really a second Mom).  Thank you for repeatedly dropping your lives to come to our craziness over the mountains.  Mom, I have been re-reading and adding pictures to the earlier blogs

Grandma Jean
and when I look back I really don't know how I could have coped with it all if you were not here to hold my house together.  I love you.  Jean, I know you love big and you love hard and your grandsons are no exception (all 5 of the little turkeys).  I know you struggle with being so far away at times but these boys love you back just as hard and are always with you both.  So much love to both of you!

Sometimes it's just easier to be
our true selves!
As always, my children never disappoint when it comes to making their parents laugh (stinkers).  I had a wonderful morning of snuggles in bed and then when I realized I was in bed all alone I 'stomped' out into the hallway and announced, "Where's my gourmet breakfast in bed??"  The boys jumped off the couch (must not have been a great show to get immediate attention from them) and T pushed me back into my room, closing the door behind me and told me to "stay put".  A few rattles and rumbles from my kitchen and I peeked out the door to yell down the hall, "I don't smell bacon!  OR sausage!". 

Self portrait
Need I say more?
T came back down the hall and pushed me back into the room again.  Rylan, my angelic boy, came in a few minutes later with a bowl high over his head and 'presented' me with my empty bowl but to his credit he did throw in a spoon!  Sigh, wizenhimer!!  I kicked him out and Torin told me to just stay in my room.  I decided to check my email and after awhile Mike came in and I said that he might want to check on his two oldest boys since they were awfully quiet.  He came back a few minutes later busting a gut and signalled for me to come out and follow him.  Out we go, past the kitchen and into the dining room where my two boys are sitting at the table STUFFING THEIR FACES with Corn Pops
(the 'saturday' cereal) and watching TV!!!  I guess while the were thinking of a stellar idea to feed their Momma they realized they were hungry!  When I commented (loudly) on this I said, "Sheesh, I didn't even get one stinking Corn Pop!".  Rylan (did I mention he's my smartass?) brought me his bowl with one Corn Pop left in the bottom and said, "Here ya go Mom!".  My lovely, thoughtful, (but funny as hell) children.  The oh so funny thing is that when I got around to making myself a smoothie 1/2 hr later everyone else wanted some of Mom's 'good breakfast'.

Daddy lovin'
Now the not-so-funny part is Mr.B.  It's taken me over four hours to get this far in the blog because he's retching so frequently now.  He's retching laying down and sitting up, full tummy and empty tummy.  He's now at the point to where he is vomiting up small amounts and then it kicks in his gag reflex (severe oral aversion) and it just makes it all that much worse.  I feel so badly for him because it is hard to breath when he is retching (think of the worst time you've been sick and you've thrown up so much that all you can do is retch, nice, I know).  I know many of you reading this are probably thinking, "Good grief, take him in already!".  But I am so very torn about whether or not to take him in for admittance for good reason.  I'm really struggling with it this time because he is so happy and himself when he's not retching.  I'm also struggling so hard because he's older now, he will know exactly the minute I get there and the moment I leave his hospital room.  My life just doesn't have the leeway to allow me to be there with him 24/7 with two other children that need structure and their Momma as well.  It all but rips me apart when I think about having to leave him there now (not that he won't be in good hands).  On the flip side of that I'm also not too sure how I will cope tomorrow all alone in the house for 10hrs while Mike is at work and B is retching so much. I can't/won't leave him alone even for a bathroom break.  As in the past, I'll find a way and we'll persevere but I am just doubting myself to what the best decision is for all of us at this point.  It is so hard to describe to those of you who don't know B how happy and carefree he really is when he's not feeling ill (and even sometimes when he is).  I guess all we can really do is go through the next 24 hrs and see what happens.  We do have the possibility of changing one of his meds to Motillium to see if we can get his stomach to empty faster but of course with all meds comes the side effects (and effectiveness on a complex kiddo like our B).  Thursday seems an incredibly long way away right now (our appt with B's surgeon Dr.Brindle) so any positivity you can afford to send our way would certainly be helpful!

From Our Home to Yours...

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