Tuesday, 21 May 2013

It's a Girl!!!

We had a Girl, yippee!!  Okay, I need to settle down a moment and explain that I didn't actually 'have' her and she's not actually 'mine' per se...but our lovely Kelsey (Torin's former Developmental Assistant and now honorary family member), had her and so by proxy I get to share her!  Araya Rose is the name and she's just so stinkin sweet!

March 2012
I also want to say "Happy Birthday" to my favourite oldest Sister!  She is beautiful inside and out and completely selfless in her drive to help people, we love you and miss you so much Keeta!  Come visit soon!!

Mr.B is (still) keeping me on my toes, you just never really know when he's going to have a gagging/retching episode.  I've increased his Motillium since he couldn't get all of his first feed of the day finished yesterday without retching again and again.  Then as if to say "ha, I can do this" his next feed went off without much fuss (and the added amount of Motillium beforehand) but then he couldn't tolerate his subsequent feed...I just don't know!  It's not like anything with B is straightforward, I get that, but it is incredibly hard to find the issue when sometimes he's good and others not.

I run a VERY serious household!
If I had to say (after thinking about it long and hard) I would say things are a tiny bit better?  He's having feeds every once in awhile without retching through them, just after, so that's progress right?  I am still running his feeds over 2 1/2 hrs and that is a challenge in and of itself as B isn't happy to have to 'sit' up in his tumbleform seat for hours on end, he wants to move. 

Getting stronger!

We had friends over this weekend who haven't seen him for a month or so and they commented to me on more than one occasion at how strong he is getting.  That is so good to hear because when I see him 24/7 I know he's progressing but have no idea at what pace most days! 

Helping Momma clean the basement!
Of course in B fashion through all the retching and such he remains happy and positive, I try to hard to maintain the same but I certainly can't/don't do it with the finesse and ease that Mr.B has. 

Bob's got nuthin' on this kid!
I am trying to 'plan' (ha ha) a road trip out to the West Coast this summer with all three boys.  Not to worry, I've been told more than once that I'm 'crazy' for considering it.  The thing is when I travel I don't do it on anyone elses schedule other than ours (those of us in the car) and it is good for Torin and Rylan (and Me) to get out of town and to see family and friends.  It is also increasingly important to me to introduce Mr.B to more of the world and those important people in our lives that are unable to come out and see him.  The thought of dipping his sweet toes in the Pacific just makes me smile!  Maybe I am crazy but crazy has gotten me this far in life and I think I'm doing not too bad! 

Just hanging out

I have no idea if and when it will happen but I think it will be great if it does.  I know where all the pertinent hospitals are around our destinations and we will be doing things Braeden-style, slow and easy with smiles on our faces!  Memories are always better if they are 'made' and it is so important to me to have Torin and Rylan have positive memories of this hard time in our lives.  My older sons have gained more life experience in the past year and a half then they maybe should have (not that I would change that) so if I can put a smile on their faces and build lasting memories then I will!

Fingers crossed we get in to see B's GI this week and that Radiation calls for his contrast scan soon (did I mention this kid glows in the dark?)!

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