Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chance Meetings?

Sick boy snuggles from my Auntie Lorna today
So the craziest thing happened today!  About two weeks ago I was suddenly thinking about a Momma and her wee (and I mean wee 24 week-er) that were with us at Foothills NICU when B was born.  We chatted briefly a couple of times, more just Mom's seeing another Mom as terrified with the unknown as I was.  You form some kind of kinship in a NICU when you spend hours watching others around you and wondering if their child will survive.
When B got moved up a few beds out of the "sickest baby on the ward corner" little Mia got moved to a more isolated area since she was really struggling with the noise and stimuli around her.  I know her Momma was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed with it all, just like me.  Mr.B got transferred (quickly) to Stollery in Edmonton shortly thereafter for heart surgery and I didn't see them again. 
For some reason they just popped into my mind a few weeks ago and I was wondering if wee Mia had survived because the last time I'd seen her Momma Kelli she was terrified she (Mia) might not make it.  Oddly enough a few days after thinking about them I saw them from afar at Children's.  I couldn't believe it, what an odd coincidence.  I was so relieved to see her carrying who I could only assume would be Mia in her arms.  I thought how great it was that I thought about them and then got to know that Mia's 'okay'.

Everytime I put oxygen on him before sleep and everytime
I check on him this is what I find!
We had an emergency trip to Dr.Cassie's office today (Paediatrician) because B's has had an increased work of breathing in the last 24 hrs and my biggest concern is that he's aspirated (taken fluid into his lungs) since his vocal cords don't close completely.  Dr.Cassie was kind enough to sneak us in as I was thinking that we would have to take B into Emerge since he was working harder.  We were in the waiting room and oddly enough, in walked Kelli and Mia.  How wild is that?  I reintroduced myself and we got to chat back and forth for 20 mins or so about our Warrior Stories (the other two Mom's in the waiting room were sitting a bit pie-eyed at our swapping of 'stories').  Sometimes life just steps up and surprises me with the funniest of things.
Back to the B and his lungs...
We are in 'wait' mode for the night (although he's already woken four times in the hour and a half he's been asleep).  Dr.Cassie was confident that his lungs sounded good and all the raspy and noise is still upper respiratory.  The question is if his vocal cords were already a bit swollen last week from his viral infection then what do they look like now with this constant retching and bile coming up?  If he's still working hard tomorrow morning (or in an hour maybe) I'll take him into ACH's Emerge and see what they want to do.
So for now, I wait.  And listen.  And watch.  And listen.  And then wait some more... 

From our Home to Yours...

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