Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Admitted to ACH: Aspiration Pneumonia 1, Mr.B 0

(This post is written from my tablet so bear with me and the mistakes)

I'm sitting here in the hospital listening to the feed pump whirr and Mr.B breathe. I should really go home, eat, sleep, actually see my husband but I can't bring myself to leave just yet.

We came into Emerge today after seeing Dr. Cassie.  I knew we were coming in, I knew our time at home was done. B was really whiny/unhappy yesterday and whined and moaned all night. His cough was worse and more frequent this morning as well.  I packed for ACH as we headed out the  door to see the Paediatrician.

I know it is easier to have him in hospital with everything going on but it breaks my heart all the same.  I can't be here 24/7 and I can't explain that to B either.  I have full confidence in the ACH Nurses for his care but am not sure if I'll sleep tonight knowing that he may not be comforted when he has a night terror simply because his Momma isn't there. I know I need sleep so I am hoping that B is so completely exhausted after his day that maybe, just maybe he'll sleep tonight.

I know some of you are thinking it would be a no brainer if it were your kid, you'd never leave his or her sides but please keep in mind I have two other kids that need me too. It is highly stressful for the big boys to have B in here and T will have issues sleeping tonight as well.  I really do wish I could be in two places at once but it's not possible.  

I'm still waiting to hear from the Resident for the xray results but the fact that we were admitted and they are starting him on antibiotics tonight means that the pneumonia is most likely worse than it was last week.  They will do a nasal aspiration tomorrow to see if they can grow his bug.

B's settled in and I think he remembers where he is. When we got wheeled into his room (up from Emerge) he had a bit of panic on his face like, why am I here?  He was able to settle in somewhat quickly though and we had some familiar faces come in and visit which made it easier. Who wouldn't flirt and smile when Sarah and Malaika come to visit? I love that B remembers his Nurses and I know that he is loved.

The short update is that they are treating him for an aspiration pneumonia (fluid from his stomach into his lungs) and the spot on his lungs from last week is more pronounced.  He's going to be in hospital until the retching gets sorted out as well.  I will update tomorrow from my laptop since the tablet is great for many things but typing a blog it is not!

A thank you to Ashley tonight as well for spending time with us at ACH which made my life a whole lot easier today!

From Our Home (Hospital Room) to Yours...

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